What's everyone doing before bed, sippys, bottles, boob?

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What's everyone doing before bed, sippys, bottles, boob?

I'm trying ditch bottles and I'm pretty sure he's going to do fine with it because we phased them out for naptime last week and he didn't even notice but I'm trying to decide what to do w bedtime. Right now, he sucks down 5-6 oz of formula before bed and it's usually a little over an hour after supper. Are you mamas still nursing, doing sippys at bedtime, filled with water, milk, formula? Nothing? Am I the last one to still be using bottles? Just trying to develop a game plan. I don't want him to go thirsty and, as usual, i have no idea what I did with DD! I really should have kept a journal... :confused:

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Aaron still has his morning bottle, nap time bottle and before bed bottle, with formula...he takes about 5oz at a time...if he is sick like he is now he might have another bottle somewhere in there but he wont take a lot (maybe 3oz?), at least I know he's getting something because he is off his food. Anyway, generally this is what works for us, all my kids had a bottle until they were 2 and I had no problems transitioning at an older age. Aaron also drinks water from a sippy cup whenever he has a meal or snacks.

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Beni still nurses! The only other things she drinks is water from a sippy at any other time during the day- but she always nurses at any sleeping time.

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DD was always formula fed. I transitioned off of the formula at 11 months to milk. We were unsuccessful with sippy's so went with Playtex first sipsters (I think they're called) with the straws (but they leak terribly unfortunately). She figured out the straw the first try too which was nice. I give her 5 oz in the morning and afternoon and then 8 oz before bed. She sips on water or water/juice all day in between.

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We've been bottle free since a week before his first birthday. He takes a sippy of water with him to bed, but I don't think he touches it.

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My kids are thin and in my culture kids typically use bottles until they're a lot older (and with careful teeth monitoring, nothing bad happens to their teeth). So I am not in a rush to wean her from the bottle and risk her losing interest in one of her big calorie sources (we tried it with our older one and quickly aborted and she's still having milk at night).

So for now Leyla has her Lactaid whole milk in bottles before each sleep session, so 3x a day (2 naps and bedtime). We had tried regular whole milk but she reacted to it. We had been mixing the remaining amounts of toddler formula with the Lactaid and just finished it last week so now she's fully on regular milk.

We're looking to get rid of bottles around the house probably next Spring.

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"Marite13" wrote:

Beni still nurses! The only other things she drinks is water from a sippy at any other time during the day- but she always nurses at any sleeping time.

This is us too...naya gets a little apple juice too

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Nico still nurses down for any sleeping time & at least once during the night too! He gets sippies of water or milk (he isn't too fond of milk) during the day.

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Miles is still on the tit. Lol. I'm so ready to be done though but really he only nurses at bed time so I'm okay with that. He gets a sippy with whole milk in it at nap time at daycare.

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I have been trying to get justin to take a sippy. But he just wont do it! I mean u hand him one and he just throws it around or if u try to give it to him like a bottle he screams and cries like im trying to poison him! I have tried several different kinds too with the softer spouts.it doesn't seem to matter. So he gets a bottle of whole milk in the am afternoon and before bed. He hates juice and will only occasionally take water.

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Jake just nurses. If I'm out dh offers water in a sippy while he rocks him for a bit then puts him down awake. He fought bottles when we used to offer them, and he doesnt drink juice or milk.

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Than gets quite a bit of milk throughout the day. He gets 4-6 oz first thing in the morning AFTER he nurses (for about 5 seconds), he gets 6 oz before morning and afternoon nap, and 6 oz before bedtime. We give him so much because soy milk doesn't have as many nutrients and calories as whole cows milk. We also have him on one can of Bright Beginnings soy (which counts for 8 oz of soy in there) to help. He gets all of that in a bottle, but always finished the bottle before being put into his crib.

For meals, he gets water or milk in a cup or sippy while in his high chair. When we go for walks or play outside, he gets a sippy with water.

I tried weaning from bottle to sippy a couple weeks ago. Although he may be ready to give up the bottle, he isn't ready to go completely to the sippy yet. It's too fast for the "comfort" of a bottle.

Hope you find a balance that works for both of you.

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I am still nursing Jordan to sleep. I don't have any immediate plans to change our routine either.

Have you tried replacing the bottle with a sippy cup? I know that is how some other mom's weaned from the bottle. They offered milk/formula in a sippy when they would have normally offered a bottle.

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Currently nothing before bed - Dinner with milk at 6ish then just teeth brushing and bed 7:30-8ish.

No bottles here for almost 4 months now- wow! While other bottles were replaced with cups or snacks, it was pretty much cold turkey for the nighttime bottle.

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Eve nurses then snuggles to sleep in our recliner at night time. Her nap time is right after lunch at the daycare. They drink milk there.

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we don't do anything before bed. Im sure he'd be happy to drink milk to sleep, but I worry about his teeth. After his teeth are brushed for the night, that's it! He goes to sleep about 7:30pm.

We never did bottles, except when he was nursing and I was away for a feeding. He weaned at a year and has been taking sippies since 9 months maybe.

If you're looking to ditch the bottle, I say go for it. It might make for a week of tough bedtimes, but its probably better in the long run.

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We got rid of the bottle right aroudn her first birthday. She refused the sippy with milk for awhile and I got nervous and tried like every sippy cup out there. She likes the Pampers ones and all of a sudden one night we offered it and the bottle has been gone since. She has breakfast and then has a little bit of milk in the morning. Maybe a cup full between 7 and 9. And then I will offer it here or there during the day and she may have a sip but at bed she takes 1-2 cups and then we brush her teeth and lay her down in her crib. We stopped bottles and formula like I said around 1 year and she has done great since.

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We still nurse/ rock to sleep.

I would pay her good money if she will start TRYING to like a sippy cup with something (anything in it!) Wink

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Fiona nurses before any sleep time. During the day she nurses and gets water in a sippy. She also gets formula in a bottle every now and then. But before bed, she nurses.

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Kayley gets a sippy of milk about 1/2- 1 hour prior to bed. She doesn't use drinking to help fall asleep anymore. She does use a pacifier though.

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Mason hasn't had any bottles at all since he turned 1 and we quit nursing a few weeks ago now. He gets a sippy of milk before his bed time but drinks milk or water during the day either from a sippy or a straw cup.

I've been impressed by how easily Mason converted to his "big boy" ways. It was a little more challenging with my other two. Now if only he would start walking!!!