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Whole Milk

So, Jake has tasted whole milk once or twice (and seemed to like it), but he really just drinks water in his sippy with meals and nurses. I've never put milk in his sippy before (his adjusted "one year" birthday isn't until next week).

I'm thinking of giving it to him--not for the calcium/milk aspect of it b/c he still nurses so much and I'm not concerned about that--but for the fat/calories in whole milk. He's still less than 20 pounds and really most days won't eat that much at all. Every few days he'll have a great 'food' day and really eat well for me, but generally he's super picky and just eats a few bites of food at a time.

What would you do? I mean it certainly won't hurt him at this stage, right? I also haven't given it to him b/c I didn't want the milk to replace how much he nurses, b/c given his lack of solid food intake he still needs the nutrients in the breastmilk.

Sorry so long. Smile

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Well I know it is different for me since I didn't nurse BUT if it takes him as long as Avery to take mikl from the sippy cup I woudl say go for it because he really won't take too much lol. I know it is simliar to the babies in our daycare that taking milk from the cup took awhile so I woudl say in an entire day she probably takes liek 4 oz (that is a lot even) from the cup so if he doesn't take much I don't think it woudl affect anything else.

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Yeah, just try him and see. I gave the daycare the go-ahead to give Eve cow's milk in her sippy, and she adjusted just fine. They were giving her my breast milk cold in her sippy first, though, so that might have helped the transition.

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I'd say go for it. It would be a good way to add some extra fat and calories if that's what your going for. It only took Keaton a few days to adjust to whole milk (we just started 2 weeks ago) although I still give him BM in a cup that I have left in the freezer (he gulps that down!) and he nurses at bedtime. Giving him whole milk didn't seem to take the place of his nursing. He had already weaned himself down to 2x a day and he wants to nurse at night regardless of how much whole milk he had during the day.

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I agree - give him some and just go with it. If he wants it, great! If he doesn't, then try again later. I wouldn't be in any hurry but you still want to introduce it to him.

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Jack has taken to milk from a sippy cup like crazy- completely different than how Grant was. He'll drink an entire cup in 10 minutes. We just started milk this past week, since I'm not pumping over the summer. (I'm thinking of burning the pump and doing a dance on the ashes.) Its worth a shot. If he likes it, then great. If he won't do it, then you can just keep doing what you're doing.

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I'd give it to him now! If you are concerned about him filling up on it, I'd offer it to him away from meal/nursing time. I did notice that Lucas started nursing less once he was on cows milk. He fully weaned himself (and it was him- not me that weaned Sad ) a little after his first birthday. By that point he was filling himself up on food first and then milk. He would nurse for a very short while and then be done. I'd just be prepared that Jake may start dropping off with his nursing once he starts getting more on a regular basis. I was sad, but I was also ready to be done- so it worked great for me! It was *super* easy! I totally understand wanting the fat the whole milk gives. Lucas is not a picky eater- but he's not a chunky guy, I feel better that he gets it for the same reason.