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Who's still...



under 20lbs?


waiting on allergen foods?

Anything else?


We're still nursing over here. She probably wont be giving up nunnies for quite some time. Which I'm okay with.

We're also still under 20lbs. Fiona weighed in at 17lbs 14oz the other day. So I'm excited that she's back on the growth charts. She's now in the 2nd percentile. lol. Where are all the other peanuts on our board? Let's join forces! Smile

Still rear facing. She still easily fits in her bucket seat, which pleases me since it's super safe.

Not waiting on any new foods and we stopped cosleeping at 6 months.

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We are still nursing (a little too much for my liking, honestly, the boy is still nursing like 5 or 6 times a day, though he sleeps all night, thankfully). I'm planning to nurse till 2, or until he is done if that comes sooner. I don't see him self weaning anytime soon.

We are not cosleeping, we stopped that back a long time ago. I have no interest in cosleeping beyond 4 or 6 months, would not work with my life/needs.

Fat boy hit 20 lbs at 3 months Smile Small babies are much kinder on the back, I'm jealous!

He is rear facing and will be till he is 2 or outgrows the height/weight limits. He is not in his bucket but in a convertible.

Nah, he eats everything, and has since before a year. We aren't big on the waiting thing when it comes to foods.

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That's the truth about small babies being kinder on the back! I carry Fiona around like it's nothing. Then I go to hold my nephew, Simon and WOAH! He's a beast. Kind of funny, really. Smile

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Breastfeeding? No. We made it 1 year and 24 days!

Cosleeping? No. We never co-slept.

under 20lbs? Yes! Alyse weighed 19lb, 6oz when I took her the other day for the impetigo.

Rear-facing? Yes. She's in a convertible and will stay rear facing til she's 5 Wink

waiting on allergen foods? No. She eats everything.

Anything else? I just can't believe how big our babies are. *sigh*

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Breastfeeding? Yes. I'd love to wean him but he's just not going for that anytime soon. I did finally stop pumping during the day at work which is good because its slowed my milk production down but then the weekend comes and it goes right back up from him nursing all day long.

Cosleeping? Yes....we'll be moving soon and plan to transition him then. I didn't plan on doing it this long but oh well.

under 20lbs? No the tank is 25 or 26 lbs now.

Rear-facing? Yep. He's not too thrilled about that because Big Sissy is forwad facing but I'm going to keep him rear facing as long as I can.

waiting on allergen foods? Nah. The tank eats anything.

Anything else? I'm 4 pounds below my pre pregnancy weight!!!! Only 6 lbs to be at my goal weight Smile

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Yup. But I am ready to wean honestly.. I enjoy it somedays.. then others I am over it.. nursing an older active baby is not fun at times! I am used as a human binky really. She has no interest in cows milk. Boo.


We finally got her transferred to her room right before she turned one. She still comes to our bed if she wakes up.. which is once, maybe twice a week. Mostly she is sleeping a good 12 hours without waking to nurse!

under 20lbs?

20 lbs exactly


Nope we switched her around a few weeks ago

waiting on allergen foods?

Nope, haven't waited on anything

Anything else?

She is for sure becoming a toddler. Has a way that she wants things done and has learned to pitch a little fit quite nicely lol

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We breastfeed, cosleep, and rear-face. We feed her whatever she wants to eat, and she's probably about 22 or 23 lbs.

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We are also still breastfeeding, most of the time I am just a binky - he will nurse for like 5 seconds & then move on but has a FIT if I won't let him have them.
Still cosleeping too, but buying him a bed this weekend - yay!!
He has been over 20 for a while now & we moved him to front facing as soon as we could - he is so bad in the car & we were hoping it would help, it did not. We feed him everything & so far so good.

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Breastfeeding? NO

Cosleeping? NO. Sadly he has preferred his crib since he was about 3 months.

under 20lbs? Not for several months.

Rear-facing? YES

waiting on allergen foods? YES. NO Peanuts or eggs until he is atleast 2, probably 3.

Anything else?

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Breastfeeding: weaned at 11 and 1/2 months

Cosleeping: nope, he sleeps through the night in his crib

Rearfacing: YES! It's a simple thing I can do to keep him safe if we are in an accident

Under 20 pounds: ha not since 6 months! He was 27 pounds and 32 inches at his 1yr appointment

Fun thread Jordan!

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Breastfeeding? Yes back to 4 times a day and once or twice at night. I thought she was done a week ago but it only lasted a day. I dont plan to wean anytime soon but i would like to night wean now but will wait until she is 15 months.

Cosleeping? NO. We only co sleep for the first few months in a co sleeper next to the bed.

under 20lbs? Not sure what she is now but was 23 lbs at her 12 month check up. I would say we are 25 lbs.

Rear-facing? No

waiting on allergen foods? No she eats everything but still hasnt had cows milk. I need to get on that soon or she will never want it.

Anything else?

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Breastfeeding? Nope

Cosleeping? Nope, never

under 20lbs? Nope, 23ish probably

Rear-facing? Yes

waiting on allergen foods? Nope

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Breastfeeding? not since 8 months old

Cosleeping? No, never co-slept, even recently while he was sick he didn't want to cuddle up with us, only wanted his crib.

under 20lbs? No, he's around 22-23 lbs now.

Rear-facing? No, would love to keep him like that if they made car seats in Oz to suit!

waiting on allergen foods? Yes, whole milk until next month and I will try again and obviously peanuts as DD#2 is allergic.

Anything else? Just this week he started to cruise ever so slowly and on his tip toes and had his first lot of antibiotics for a chest infection.

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Breastfeeding? Yes. I may think about weaning when she turns 2 but for now I will continue to BF is she is interested.

Cosleeping? No. We did "cosleep" for the first 5 months or so but never did the bedsharing.

under 20lbs? Nope, she is around 23 or 24 pounds now.

Rear-facing? Yes! I am going to leave her that way for a while.

waiting on allergen foods? I haven't really watched too closely but I'm not sure if she has had anything with peanuts in it.

Anything else? She is really starting to sign a lot these days. I love it!

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Breastfeeding?We just finished our last nursing session yesterday. It's bitter sweet but I think we're both ready.


under 20lbs?My Meatball hit 20 lbs at 8 months.


waiting on allergen foods?Nuts and fish

Anything else?

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Breastfeeding? Never did

Cosleeping? Was in her own crib by 4 months or so

under 20lbs? No, more like 25

Rear-facing? Absolutely--plan on keeping her that way until she's 4 or 5, hopefully she'll cooperate

waiting on allergen foods? No problems yet and I've given her everything

Anything else? She finally started crawling a week before her birthday. She's been pulling up, squatting, cruising like a pro since then. I don't think it'll be too long before she stands unassisted because she doesn't really hold on that much anymore.

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Breastfeeding? yes, he's still a little boobie monster. I have no intention of weaning him any time soon.

Cosleeping? yes, and likely will be for awhile

under 20lbs? no, he's about 22 pounds

Rear-facing? yes, and will be for as long as possible

waiting on allergen foods? DH has a mild peanut allergy and a soy protein allergy so we're waiting on both of those things.

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Breastfeeding? Barely. I like to nurse him first thing in the morning, but he's not too interested and probably wouldn't notice if we quit.

Cosleeping? No. Sometimes I wish he would, because I miss the cuddling.

Under 20lbs? He was at his 1yr checkup, but he's put on some serious chunk in the last month. I'm planning to take him in this week for a weight check.

Rear-facing? Yes, in a convertable car seat.

Waiting on allergen foods? Oh yes, he still can't have ANY cheese, and only some processed eggs and cow's milk (in pancakes, cake, etc). He can have peanut butter, though, so that's a plus.

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Breastfeeding? Yes, 3-4 times a day, and then often all night long. LOL. We were in the car for 8 hours coming home from SC this week and I even nursed him for half an hour while he was strapped into his carseat b/c he wouldn't stop screaming. Lovely. Smile

Cosleeping? Yep, he won't have it any other way. But I haven't tried to stop it either, I love cosleeping. Smile

Under 20lbs? Pretty sure, yeah. He has his 15-month check up next week (two weeks late). I'd be surprised if he hits 20 pounds. He could care less about eating and runs around all day long....

Rear-facing? Yep, will be for quite some time.

Waiting on allergen foods? Haven't done peanut butter yet, but he's tried everything else.

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Breastfeeding? Yep, and I don't see an end in sight!

Cosleeping? No, we're all done. He's finally sleeping through the night in his own crib! Yay!

under 20lbs? Yes, he's about 19 pounds.

Rear-facing? Yes, at least until 2.

Waiting on allergen foods? No, we don't have any allergies, so the only thing we're still avoiding is honey. And that's probably fine by now, but it makes me feel better to wait.

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Breastfeeding? Definitely! In fact, something is going on with her as my nips are sore as heck lately, because she's been nursing SO MUCH. I love it though. Smile

Cosleeping? Yep- although we continue to work on transitioning her to her own close by bed. We have a mattress on the floor next to our bed, and we try to use it as much as possible. At this point though when she wakes after I've gone into bed, she just gets in bed with us, but soon I'll have to work on nursing her and putting her back down there. Being that I'm not pregnant yet though, it's hard for me to find motivation to do it. That said, doing it would probably help me get pregnant easier- might have a period!

under 20lbs? Beni was 19lbs at her 1 year, so I assume she is over 20lbs by this point!

Rear-facing? Absolutely- and she will be for a long time. She is in a big proper seat (that is not a bucket), but it is def rear facing.

waiting on allergen foods? She hasn't had honey yet, and she eats dairy, but hasn't ever had milk- no plan on giving it to her really. Not because of allergies, but, just because I don't think she (or any human, really) needs it. But at this point we're not avoiding anything because of allergies. Oh, and she hasn't had any proper peanuts or peanut butter, but I think she ate some veggies once that had some kind of Indonesian peanut sauce...so, I'm still delaying the full on peanuts, but, she's had a little taste of it- so there is probably no reason to!

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Breastfeeding? Nope we weaned at 11 months. Am working on getting her onto cow's milk full time. We're mixing toddler formula with whole Lactaid. That seems to be going ok.

Cosleeping? Yes, with our oldest! She keeps stealthily sneaking into our bed every night. On rare occasions it's the baby instead. But Leyla sleeps in her crib 95% of the time.

under 20lbs? Amazingly, no! She started out bigger than Alanis and then was a peanut for a bit. But once she started eating solids, she took off. She's between 21 and 22 lbs now.

Rear-facing? YES!! Am so happy I was able to convince my husband to go through the trouble of figuring out how to keep her rear facing.

waiting on allergen foods? She still hasn't had peanut butter, but only because I keep forgetting to try. The only thing I am waiting on is shellfish because DD1 had a mild reaction to it.

Anything else? I don't have any babies in my house anymore; they're two little girls!

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Breastfeeding? no- ended at 2 months

Cosleeping? Yes. Naps are in the crib, nights I sleep in her room in a full bed

under 20lbs? Right at 20 lbs.

Rear-facing? No we just switched her because we had a car trip.

waiting on allergen foods? Naw. She eats everything that isn't a choking hazard.

Anything else? Dr has us putting a scoop of formula in her milk cups still. Someone gave me $20 in coupons so we have 2 more canisters of formula. Then I'm done with it. Too dang expensive!!

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Breastfeeding? yes, 2-4 times a day

Cosleeping? No, except when he needs a nighttime boob and I fall asleep again.

under 20lbs? Ha ha. Just over 30.

Rear-facing? Yup, on the rare occasion we're in a car.

waiting on allergen foods? The kid eats everything. I hope sand, bugs and Playmobil are not allergens Smile

Anything else? One day he will walk. He's amazing at cruising but just doesn't quite trust himself to let go.