Why every kid should have a goat! (video)

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Why every kid should have a goat! (video)

I just had to share this video I took this afternoon of Flash and Noah. Noah LOOOVES Flash, and Flash has been a great little goat so far! He is so much fun to watch! He also plays with my dog! I think goat kids are the perfect playmates for kids- their playstyle is the same! haha!!!


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That's so cute! I'm totally jealous. We want goats so badly, but we haven't gotten any yet because we don't have the right fencing to contain goats. Someday we'll fence part of the yard/field for goats. Thanks for sharing your cuties.

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Looks like tons of fun!!

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That is WAAAAAY too cute! I think that goats might be the only thing that could keep up with kids at Noah's age. Is he 3? You've just sold me on a goat. Wink Funny thing is I was telling DH last night that we should raise goats and be goat cheese farmers. Biggrin

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Kari- I hear ya on the fencing! I actually got *really* lucky and found a shelter plus completely enclosed pen with a door on craigslist right by me for $50!!! I got a HUGE steal on it! That's where he lives right now. He comes out pretty much any time we are outside and sticks right by us. My horse is moving home soon and he will be her companion. We will have 5' no climb horse fence along the front of the pasture, with three strand VERY hot wire along the tree line. I'm *hoping* that will keep him, but we'll see!

This is what he lives in now:

Lia- yes Noah is 3! He LOOOOOOVES the goat! He has a blast running around playing with him, and the goat is so good with him! I'm been pretty firm on the "no head butting people" rule- but really he hasn't tried it much. I have wanted a goat for a long time, but he's my first! He's been super easy to care for so far, and he's really like a little puppy. I actually took him to a friend's daughter's birthday party yesterday, and then my niece had her party here today so he was out for that one too and he did GREAT with all the kids. You should totally get one!!! Biggrin ETA: In my area there is a big demand for goat milk and goat cheese- so it would be lucrative too! Wink

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Great deal on the enclosure! We have a high tensile fence, which I love for the horses, but it won't hold a goat. Sad

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aww this brought back some awesome memories!! i grew up with pygmies and nigerian goats, what hilarious animals they are! im so glad noah has a goat to play with Biggrin

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OMG - so cute! No goats allowed where I live. But we go to the zoo all the time and hang out with goats (and some other animals too).

You're really lucky to be able to have him and I'm glad you are all enjoying it so much!

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I had no idea they were such adorable animals. So cute!