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Jordan has not slept so well the past week. She's been waking at times that are unusual for her. Before she would wake some and fuss but go back to sleep on her own. (This is aside from her two nursing sessions during the night.) Now she wakes up sounding angry and just gets more upset the longer I wait to go in. When this happens I've been giving her Tylenol but last night finally tried some Motrin. She does seem to sleep better but one night that I didn't give it to her, she seemed to do better after I nursed her back to sleep.

So would you continue to give Motrin if she wakes and seems upset about something? Should I assume it is teething? I hate giving her medicine on a regular basis but I also don't want her to be in pain.

I just wish I knew the reason she was waking up.

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Once again Jordans twin is doing the same thing as you know. I give her meds every night before bed and sometimes in the middle of the night if its been long enough. Naya was up every 30 min last night and then slept from 2 to 6. I am so tired i want to die. I felt her gums today and she has this big knots on both sides way in the back so now i know its her molars. I am willing to bet jordan is dealing with the same thing. I would give her the meds for sure and then when she gets better or one pops then stop. They will soon have all their teeth and we wont have anything to blame it on anymore.

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We've got molars coming in here too. It only seems to be effecting her ability to fall asleep quickly. She's now almost an hour rolling around at both nap and bed time before she goes to sleep.

I, personally, would only give meds if you are confident it is teeth OR you've exhausted other options - which would lead you to believe it is pain related. Lots of help aren't I? Wink

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I know this conundrum as well. If I understood your post correctly, you said she fell asleep well after no medicine, but with nursing? Personally, that is what I would do if it works just as well as medicine. I know you might not want to thinking that she's going to get into a new routine of nursing all night again, but, seems to me like she's just going through something, and when it's over, she might very well go back to sleeping like she used to. I know Beni does this- she once had a good routine (good for us) where she would sleep 7-11, and then like 11-3, and 3-7. Then all kinds of things have messed her up, but, she still does it now and then. I get really frustrated when she starts waking a lot before 11, but, it never lasts long (like, not more than 1 or 2 nights usually) and then she stops. Anyway... yeah, I would skip the medicine if you can...but, if she's really in pain, then give it! Smile

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I just re-read that and I didn't word it well. Yes Mara, one night she seemed to do ok after just nursing. I think I fear that if I don't give her something then she will just wake up again in no time. But I suppose if she continued to wake then I could give her something at that point. I was curious how everyone else was handling situations like this.

I really don't want to start bad habits! My husband wonders if she is just getting used to me going in there and nursing her but I feel like there is more of a reason than just wanting me. Maybe I'm wrong... Sometimes I guess we just don't really know.

(Sara - We are sure these two were not separated at birth, right? Kindred spirits I suppose.)

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Poor girl...

(you and her) : )

This is such a confusing time because they have the teething thing going on.. leaving us always wondering if they are in pain.. or is it the grand age of 1 is one that has its ups and downs as they become independant and test boundaries and are rebelious for no reason.. etc etc. I think this is a normal stage for some sleep disturbances to pop up and you have to just try a variety of things until you figure out what it is. I probably wouldn't medicate on a nightly basis. I would save that for nights when she is really really unhappy and is not giving up and going back down after you have tried other things.

Sorry hon! Just remember..this too shall pass!

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I agree with Dara that at this age it is normal to experience some sleep disturbances and to totally not know what is causing them.

I am also a big believer in establishing good sleeping patterns. Since we have 5 kids in the house we can't afford to have a bunch of bad sleepers.

There are many many books on this subject. I have used the No Cry Sleep Solution and adapted some of the suggestions in that book with other things I have read.

The point is you need to find something that works for both you and your LO. By this age they don't need to eat at night although some kids find a lot of comfort in that (and moms too). So if that works for you than do it.

I too would stay away from medicating every night unless you're sure she's in pain.

Have you considered putting a sippy cup of water in her crib with her? If she's waking to get some sucking/tummy comfort sometimes the sippy cup of water (once they start remembering that it's there) can help with that and they'll go back to sleep. That's one of the techniques I used with my DD. It worked really really well with her.

Keep trying - you'll find what it is she needs, really you will.

GL - I hope it gets a little easier for you soon!!

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I wanted to add that i give her meds everynight that she is in alot of pain not everynight all the time. For naya its like 3 or 4 days of he screaming and crying all day long so those are the nights i do it. Then i stop until she gets bad again. I dont want people thinking i drug her every single night for no reason. BTW naya only woke up once last night. yay for sleep.

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I am similar in what most people say but want to add if it is teething than she would be miserable at times other than just the middle of the night... like during the day etc. We try to avoid a daily dose of motrin just because I am not comfortable with it but there are times when it is clear she needs it like she is just miserable and biting her hand or anything she can find. I think the babies are smarter than we give them credit for and Avery sleeps really well lately but every now and again she wakes and cries and we found she knows if she screams a certain way we come running but nothing is wrong... so she puts herself back down fairly shortly

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Aaron wakes at least once a night lately, maybe 3-4 times a week...teething, thirsty, cold, wet...all contributing factors for him, he's an easy one to please thank goodness but when he does wake up he goes from 0-100 in seconds (and I got to get him before he disturbs the girls)...he always has a soaking nappy (disposables we use too), I change him and then give him a small bottle and he is happy to go back to sleep...if it's obvious he wont then I know it's pain from his teeth bothering him so then will give something for it. It is the age for scattered sleep patterns, they also do try and test us (I remember my niece was - well still is - a very emotional baby, my sister was at a sleep clinic and was basically told she was giving in to this highly emotional child so she HAD to try some sort of CIO; it worked eventually...another thing they told her was for babies over 12 months who had sleep issues were more the breastfed babies...but I see I have Aaron waking and he's not BF so not sure how true that is really.)

Sleep will come, routines will eventuate but I guess that the hardest part is figuring out what to do in the meantime!! All the best!

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Hugs, Kayla! I'd probably just nurse her. Maybe if it's not pain it could just be disturbing dreams or something, and she might just need the comfort of a good nurse.

Now, as I say that, I have a baby who wakes 3 times a night to nurse, so maybe I'm not the best person to ask. Maybe I'm a slave to her, but the prolactin helps both her and me to sleep.

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My rule of thumb for medicating at night is that if they don't seem to need it during the day, they probably don't need it at night. If she's acting like herself during the day, the night time waking is probably just for comfort and nursing her back to sleep is the best option (or whatever you choose to do of course!). That's the position I've been in recently--it's easiest b/c we cosleep though. I'd have a hard time getting up out of bed multiple times per night!

But, when Luke was really miserable teething, and clearly miserable all day, I would give him Motrin at bedtime and it really helped him sleep.

I'm sorry you're both having a hard time!!