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XP Feeling rotten

UGH, I feel awful today. I get migraines and have a prescription for immitrex. Unfortunately it's not safe during pregnancy so I can't take it just in case. My head has been killing me since yesterday morning. I teach preschool on Tues/ Thurs so I had to go in today. It was no fun. Sixteen kids and a migraine don't mix. My co-teacher just happened to have 1 phenergan pill with her. That's what my OB gave me with my last pregnancy to help with my migraines. It did take the edge off but I was SOOOO tired! My eyelids felt like they weighed 10 lbs. Came home and fell on the couch. Was able to get about an hour nap in before older boys got home and DH got home with the younger ones (he took them on an errand so I could rest (: ) Headache is still hanging on but not quite as bad. This is why I hate the 2ww. I have to live like I'm pregnant for 2 weeks and then if I get a BFN it's so depressing. I went without me meds for nothing. I was just really emotional today. Everything was making me tear up. DS3 got a birthday card from my Grandpa yesterday. It was really sweet but seeing his signature and not my Grandma's was really hard. We've never gotten a card that wasn't signed by both of them. I miss her Sad I just feel like going to bed and crying. I wish Sunday would hurry and get here so I know yes or no. Thanks for letting me vent ladies. Not many people know we are ttc so I can't talk to anyone.

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Oh I hope you feel better! Can you take fioricet? I've known people to take that during pregnancy.. although I don't know about the first trimester. I hope Sunday comes soon.

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Aw, Belinda. So sorry you've had a rough day. Sad I hope the migraine passes and the next couple of days fly by!

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Thanks ladies! Feeling better today. Migraine is finally gone. I will definitely ask about the fioricet. I'm going to a women's holiday dinner with a friend tonight and then shopping with another friend tomorrow so hopefully that will keep me somewhat distracted from testing!

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Hugs! I hope Sunday comes soon (and it's a BFP!).

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That's the worst! I'm glad you are feeling better. I hope all the other things you were feeling were preggo symptoms Smile I hope you get your BFP on Sunday.

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