The years are short...

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The years are short...

The Years Are Short

Watch this. I know we all know it... the days are long, but the years are short.... it's worth remembering!!! (And I know I need a reminder sometimes!)

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That was very sweet.

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My sister checked her book out of the library and then went out and bought it! She talks about it often. TFS!

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Love it! Reminds me of the book "Let Me Hold You Longer". Biggest tear jerker ever but such a sweet book!

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That was really cute...i always tell all my 1st time mommy friends this same thing. Hold the baby, rock the baby, let the baby sleep in your bed. Nurse the baby as long as you want because it goes way too fast. It was yesterday that my 5.5 year old was a tiny newborn and now he rides the school bus to kindergarden. I just saw the new mom that lives next door to me and she has a 1 month old. She was telling me that her daughter doesnt sleep unless she is holding her and cries when she puts her down. I told her she is your only baby and what else do u have to do really. I also told her that all of my kids slept for 2 months on my chest at night. I think i made her feel better.

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Thanks Mara.... now I'm sitting here CRYING. Truly, I am.

That was very sweet. Gunna go hug my boy.