your baby's favorite "toy" that they're not allowed to have?

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your baby's favorite "toy" that they're not allowed to have?

Luke is OBSESSED with the car keys. he can reach them off the counter if they're near the edge. if my purse is on the floor he will dig through it to find them.

he likes my phone too,,, but NOTHING compares to my keys. He will cry for minutes and throw himself on the floor when i take them. Yesterday afternoon our elderly neighbor came over because he kept hearing the car horn honking because Luke was walking around the house hitting the "doors lock" button. He was afraid I had fallen and was using the panic button to get help :eek:

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My kids have all pressed the panic button at one time or another Lol I think Eve is still in love with the remote for our satellite box. She also loves folded clothes (gotta throw those around the house, ya know), our phones, and our wallets. She's fond of taking out the cards and spreading them all around).

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OMG sooo much.....lets see.

The ipad, the cords to the computers, anything in the bathroom. My mother in law has this shelf with all her hair spray and lotion and stuff like that. She gets into that any chance she can. Legos are one of her favs because she has been wanting those since she was just a sitting baby. The remote, my cell phone, keys, pens, crayons, markers, laundry is also a big hit. Loves to throw it all over the house. Wipes because she loves to pull them all out and throw them all over the house. The boys bunk beds. She wants to climb up the ladder to get on top. She doesnt play with baby toys its just all about those things. All i do is follow her all around the house all day or we spend most of our day outside of the house.

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My sunglasses and the toilet brush are big hits in our house.

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My glasses! He's constantly yanking them off my face, and then trying to shove them back on my face. He thinks the whole thing is hysterical too.

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She bolts into DD1's room if the door is open to steal the markers off the white board easel. Drives me batty and and takes all I've got to pry them out of her hands....that and just about anything else she's not supposed to have!

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Where do I start? I'd say one of the most annoying ones is the dog's water bowl. What. a. mess. I end up picking it up and putting it on the table most of the time. Poor dog! She also loves to get in the dog's bed but she rubs her face in it and gets dog hair in her mouth. EW! I try to keep the dog's bed blocked off but when she sees that she can get to it she bolts for it. She also loves to get into the fireplace, despite the pile of pillows and car seat box I have blocking it right now. I am desperate to find some doors for it!!! There is more but these are the big things right now.

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Jake is going to be the death of me with all the trouble he gets into on a daily basis lol. The usual suspects are:

Paper. He gets into Luke's easel and eats the paper. We also have to keep the toilet paper off the roll bc he will unravel the whole roll and start eating it.

Markers/crayons. We keep Luke's crayons, etc. up so J doesn't get into them, but Luke's 4 so things happen. Jakes eaten more crayons than I'd care to admit.

He LOVES the remotes, phones, and iPad

As soon as the refridgerator or pantry is open, he runs over and starts pulling everything out. He's managed to pour milk all over himself and the kitchen.

Oh, and his favorite pasttime is climbing. I've found him on top of the kitchen table, climbing the baby gate, climbing into the bathtub, and on Luke's kiddy table/chairs. We are in trouble with this one!

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OMG can I say everything?? LOL

He loves remotes, phones, keys, cables/cords, switches for power outlets, the kids bookcase (takes all the books out), if the toilet door is left open (thanks girls) he'll get the toilet paper, my laundry (he thinks it's fun to grab the clothes and try put them back in the dryer with the door closed), pantry, my room (he gets into every.single.drawer), bathroom (loves the bath so much MIL was filling it for him on Thurs night and in he went head first!) and now he has figured out how to open my kitchen cupboards (throwing my glass plates this morning, thankfully nothing broke!)....actually it's very delayed but time to put locks in the kitchen (bathrooms already done).

OH and out of all the non-food things he will put in his mouth (nothing else though, he's good like that) has to be shoes! bleh!

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Ditto for us on the opened fridge/pantry, my glasses (that NEVER gets old to him) & the dog's water bowl. He also loves to climb on the sofa & then scale the back of it......he has been rescued from the window sill a few too many times!

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Meagan, Jordan is the same way with the fridge and pantry! I find myself opening it and grabbing things as quickly as I can or I have a little girl blocking the door, lol. Then it's hard to close it with a handful.

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Lucas is into absolutely everything! He's also a climber, and climbs onto *anything* that is left on the floor. He's also started trying to jump on Noah's bed! He loves to get into the pots and the pans, especially the ones in the drawer under the oven. I cannot have him in the kitchen if I'm loading the dishwasher because he climbs into it and pulls everything out. He also loves to eat crayons and chalk especially. He's obsessed with banging things, so is constantly finding sticks etc outside and running around waving them in the air. We are surrounded by I do a lot of taking sticks away! He likes to gather rocks, sometimes put them in his mouth, other times just throw them everywhere. He LOVES the bathroom, and is constantly trying to get into the toilet or Noah's potty. I can't keep that door shut because it's sticky and Noah can't open it if I close it! The boy is a busy little, fearless monkey!

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yesterday, Gloria discovered the joys of unrolling a whole roll of toilet paper and then decided the water dish need the dog food in it and it was her personal water table inside. She loves to get in the cabinets and play with the food, pots and pans. Also she like to get the Wii remote, and the cordless phone.

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His #1 pic is shoes. I have to make sure they are always put away or they go straight into his mouth. Its so nasty! Also we have been collecting Disney Vinylmations. They are little figurines that are mickey shpaed. Needless to say the ones that are retired are going for $200+ now. He loves getting ahold of those and throwing them, my heart just stops LOL.

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Kleenex, DH's glasses, the toilet... I gave in on the cell phone and library books stack. The funniest however is the pie crust shield... she wears it like a necklace! Blum 3