Is your Moonbeam still wearing a bib?

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Is your Moonbeam still wearing a bib?

I know it's a pretty trivial question...but I was just wondering how long other parents push it/use them. Beni is getting to the point where she is starting to not like wearing a bib, but she still makes such a mess when eating- she really still needs one. She's doing really well with using utensils, but, half of what is on her fork/spoon falls off on the way to her mouth. I can't decide whether to turn it into a laundry problem (change her after meals when she's filthy) or to keep forcing the bib, even though she's starting to not like it....

What do you do?

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We'll use a bib if we are out but if we are at home, we usually just take Keaton's shirt off if he's eating something messy. He tends to pull at his bib so it's just easier to strip him down.

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Depends on what were are eating. If he is self feeding spaghetti or pizza or anything messy he wears a bib, otherwise he is bib-less. Id rather rinse a plastic bib than scrub clothes Smile

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A bit of all the options. Sometimes she wears a bib, sometimes she doesn't, sometimes she goes shirtless.

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Always. I hate mid day clothes changes. I think that my others wore a bib till well into 3 ~ I'm a stickler about clothes as we pass them down.

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I'm sort of obsessive about stains on clothes so I may be a bit extreme but Jordan never eats with a shirt on. If it's a really messy meal then she eats in her diaper. She decided she hated bibs a long time ago so that was my best option to keep from having her do wardrobe changes throughout the day. If we are out then I may attempt a bib if we have one. Otherwise I just try to keep the mess to a minimum.

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We do like Belinda and Kayla and strip her. If we're out and about and she gets a stain, we soak in Borax and water until it's time to wash clothes. I don't know if Borax is available overseas, but it's a wonderful additive to a load of clothes in the washer and a good refresher for carpets and has tons of other uses.

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It's funny, with Noah I used bibs all.the.time. Even when he wasn't eating because he was a major drooler and would get rashes if he didn't have one on. Lucas wore bibs for a little while when he was on baby food, but not really since then. I also do the strip down or have him shirtless for messy food. In the morning I often wont dress him once I take his Pjs off until after breakfast. Same with Dinner time, I just take off whatever he was wearing. Lunch is usually not something that's super messy, but if it is, or if we are out, then I usually just help him with it. He does a pretty good job of not being *too* messy with most things, so that helps. I havn't had much problems with stains doing it this way.

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Avery refused a bib a long time ago. It was last year in daycare and she would rip them off of her and so we just stopped. If she is messy we do what others said and she eats shirtless... that is what they do for most of them in our daycare too

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We still use them. She usually rips it off at the end of the meal signalling that she is done!

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Sometimes we use them, depends what he is eating. He likes to rip his off too but usually when he's had enough to eat. In summer I am sure he will be shirtless many times when eating!

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Lainey has never used a bib. Like... ever.

She never took a bottle so we never used one back then.. and she ripped them off the second I tried to put one on her when she started baby food. So here she gets stripped when she is self feeding something messy. I posted a spaghetti face happy mess the other night on facebook actually! Biggrin

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Naya hasnt worn a bib in a long time either. We go shirtless here too.

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Ahhh hahahahahah!!!!!! That's so funny - a BIB????? Mason????? Are you kidding me????? Never. Not if I begged, pleaded, cajoled, promised the sun moon stars and a cookie. He has always hated them and has, from as early as possible, torn them off.

I have tried everything. I just gave up. Didn't have that problem with my other two. But Mason is a special kind of stubborn.