4 Months!

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4 Months!

I've been lurking but it seems pretty quiet around here.

I can't believe my little girl is 4 months already. Time is going by way too fast.

Irelyn is now 15lbs. 10 ozs and 25in long. DS was a 1/4 inch longer and almost 2 lbs heavier at 4 months. She is now rolling consistently from back to belly and then is content to hang out on her belly making circles. She keeps trying to get her knees up underneath her - silly girl is in a hurry to be mobile. She's STTN from ~8pm to 6am a couple of times but usually wakes up sometime around 1am to 3am for a quick feeding. Still going strong nursing while I'm home and pumping at work. So far I have 394 ozs in the freezer. I freeze about 15 ozs every work day and depending on my work schedule and when she wakes up she may only get 2 bottles of 4-5 ozs. I would love to pump real quick right now before bed but I don't want to increase my supply more. Big brother has fallen in love with her finally. He gives her kisses and smothering hugs from time to time and has given her the pacifier back. He's only been successful once with actually getting it in her mouth.