Stupid dentists!

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Stupid dentists!

So, you might remember I've been having on and off tooth pain. I finally called my regular dentist and booked an appointment but they can't take me until the 16th (everyone is on holidays until then) so I phone another place (since the pain is getting more regular and I don't know when I'm going to have the baby and really don't want to wait until my tooth totally cracks open or something - it's a big friggen hole) and they agree to see me. and since they are closer and have much better hours for hubby - who I agree to transfer to them. So, all paperwork is done and I sit in the chair. He bangs a few teeth and points out all the work I need (I knew most of it - hollo giant black holes and pain) and we talked about how I always have at least 4 cavities whenever I go in (at least twice a year). He prescribes amoxicillan(sp?) and says to call when I have the baby. Ummm......I booked an appointment to get the one tooth that is bugging me filled. They were aware of this when I booked. I know I need other things done, but they aren't causing me pain so I'm happy to wait for them. He refused on site though. He said it wasn't bad enough to warrant a filling this late in pregnancy. Excuse me? I have a high tolerance for pain and I hate getting work done that doesn't need to be done so if I'm in your chair, I need something done. And since when are drugs a better option then fixing the problem? I asked if I had any sign of infection and he said no. So, the drugs are to make me feel like they are doing something for me? If I'm not infected they don't serve any purpose and he's okay with that but not with filling the cavity? I'm so annoyed. I have kept the appointment with my other dentist and will likely go on the 16th but they are so far away it's going to cost quite a cab fare and with my luck, I'll get the same shpeal. I really hope this pain doesn't increase. It's tolerable now, but much more and I'll be in trouble. And I'm not filling the prescription either.

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Ugh, what a hassle! I'm so sorry. I think I said it on your other post, but I have a badly cracked tooth and they won't do anything with it until I have the baby. They DID sand it down, as the remaining part was REALLY sharp, but that was it. Although for me, I don't have pain. I've always had dental issues; I never leave the office without at least 2 return appointments scheduled.

Anyway, I'm sorry it was such a runaround for you. Sad I hate when things don't get finished.

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that bites. Hopefully you're org dentist will help you. I know they don't like to do work late in pregnancy but they will if its nessecary.