*May 2012 EDD and Gender Predictions*

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*May 2012 EDD and Gender Predictions*

Please post the following:

When you find out what you are having let us know and we will update! Will also update once we name what our May board babies will be named!

May 1- Lindy/rrichardss but on

May 3-Kasey/kduncan2897

May 4- Ashley/Ashleye15

May 4- B/B.A.Hubbard

May 6- Terry/Wifey74

May 12-Candace/Cannycane76 but on

May 12- Chari/Jaideep but on

May 13-Lauren/Terrapin

May 13-Marianne/mwilliamson006

May 14-Jessica/SuzyQ16 but on

May 15-Karen/Karen98

May 17-Sonja/blumoonbaby

May 19-Nichole/nickerbocker2

May 20-Kelly/lincs mom

May 22-Shelly/Shellyk8

May 23-Lindsay/Lilahstar

May 26-Sara/smoore

May 26-Anna/a10derlady

May 26-KourtneyLavy

May 27-Claire/JaMesMomma

May 29-Sherry/Shamre

May 29-Sandy/Sandy1007

May 29-Amber/Ambie719

May 31-Destry/demon_misses 16

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I am thinking boy but mostly HOPING boy but we are going to let it be a surprise til delivery day.

We tried waiting with DD2 but we couldn't resist. This time we WILL!!! Smile

Oh yeah...EDD is May 1st.

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EDD: May 4th
Gender Prediction: No idea and don't care either way. We have a boy and girl already so I'm 99% sure we'll play the guessing game unless I can't stand it any more!


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Username/Name: kduncan2897/Kasey
EDD:Unconfirmed EDD May 3rd
Prediction: no idea but hoping and praying for PINK! And we will find out at ultrasound.

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Username/Name: Wifey74/Terry
EDD: May 6, 2012
Prediction: Team Blue

I already have two girls so a boy would complete the family. If we have another girl, I would be extremely happy as I will have another shopping companion!! Biggrin

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I'm Candace/cannycane76
edd: May 11th
Prediction: i'm going with girl, but we aren't finding out, so it's going to be green until may Biggrin

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I am Jessica/SuzyQ16
Due date: Not confirmed but I think May 14
We will be team green but hoping for blue!

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Unconfirmed EDD: May 13th

We are team green all the way!

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Username/Name: Marianne/mwilliamson006
Prediction: Boy

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Username/Name: nickerbocker2/Nicole
EDD: May 19, 2012
Prediction: girl!

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Username/Name: lincs mom/Kelly
EDD: unconfirmed May 20, 2012
I would really like a another boy but since we have one of each we will be happy either way! We will be attempting to find out with this one even though DD kept the goods hidden till delivery!

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Username/Name: KatherineD/ Katherine
EDD: May 21, 2012
Prediction: I'm thinking boy this time. We will definitely be finding out. I want to go all out for whatever gender I have Smile

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Username/Name: Karen/Karen98
EDD: May 15, 2012
Prediction: We have one of each so we aren't hoping for one or the other but I've referred to the baby as she without even thinking about it.

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kate, aka "kadibug"
EDD: 5/6/12
Prediction: since the moment i thought i was pg, i thought i was having a boy... so boy for now. i'll take a happy and healthy baby regardless of gender just like everyone else.

good luck to all!

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Username/Name: shamre/Sherry
EDD: May 29, 2012
Prediction: No predictions yet. We're just hoping for a healthy baby! Although...a little girl would be nice Wink

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Username/Name: smoore/Sara
EDD: May 26th, 2012
Prediction: I have a "feeling" its a girl. We will be very happy with whatever we get. I will be finding out through US.

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Username/Name: JaMesMomma/ Claire
EDD: 5-27-12
Prediction: I am thinking it's a girl. DH & I kind of want DS to have a little brother, but I would be happy with a girl. A girl would be fun! We will find out by U/S!

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they changed my EDD to May 12th!

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Username/Name: a10derlady/Anna
EDD: EDD May 26th
Prediction: No idea but praying for PINK! And we will find out at ultrasound.

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Username/Name: blumoonbaby/Sonja
EDD: May 17th
Prediction:Thinking boy but we will be happy with whichever!

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Username/Name: Sandy1007/ Sandy
EDD:May 29th 2012
Prediction: Doesn't really matter Just hoping for a healthy baby.

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Username/Name: ambie719/Amber
EDD: May 29
Prediction: Hoping for a Girl

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Username/Name: demon_misses16/ Destry
EDD: May 31
Prediction: I don't have one, but my husband says girl.

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I am going with boy. Seeing as we have 6 boys out of 8 children already odds are we are blue again. Going with the safe bet!

I would love a little girl again. We just seem to be better at making boys.....go figure!

Due May 22nd.

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B.A.Hubbard / B

EDD: May 4th

Prediction: Team Blue!

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I'll need to be moved to angels, not a sticky bean for us. Sad

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Lilahstar/ Lindsay

EDD: May 23
Prediction: We are hoping for a boy, but will be just as happy with a girl. DH says it's a girl!!

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Mom of two... Chande 7-7-96 & Cole 4-8-98
surprize! I get to be a mommy again! :eek:

May 12, 2012, I'm guessing a boy.

But, like the first two I'll be suprised. :bigarmhug: Team Green

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Due Date: May 17th 2012
Guessing it's a boy

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My name is Jaideep, I'm emotional and sentsitive:help1:
can you please correct it ? May 12 - Chari/Jaideep thinking boy but on team green!!
Thank you Biggrin

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I'm on team BLUE!!

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We are now officially on team pink. Smile

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We are team PINK!!!!!!!!!

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We are team blue and my due date is May 17th. Please add me to the list.

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We're officially Team Pink!

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this is my first kid i cant really predict it
its a baby boy
EED: may 15th