Appt update and finally in the 3rd Tri!!

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Appt update and finally in the 3rd Tri!!

I had my regular appt yesterday. She went over my log of blood sugar levels and said quote, " I don't believe you have gestational diabetes but I want you to continue on the diet but you don't have to check your sugar after every meal" Sooo that is great. Still makes me wonder a little since they are making me follow the diet but atleast my fingers get a break from being pin cushions Smile

Apparently my calcium is low so now I have to start taking calcium on top of the prenatal, iron, folic acid, and aspirin but heck it is just another pill. She said I still need to up my protien even more because it has something to do with binding to calcium. She is worried about it all affecting my bone density or something.

Also got told that I really have to start taking it easier since I am having the contractions when I get up and start doing a lot. They said if not then they will have to take me off work early which I really don't want. Funny thing is that I am rather lazy and don't do a lot of moving which causes the contractions at work. It is when I am at home and trying to keep everything caught up and get everything erady for Dalton to get here Smile

I think I am one of the last to say this but finally made it to the 3rd trimester!! Cannot believe how fast everything has flown by and how it is almost time to meet our little ones!!

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i think that was a really positive appointment. i'm glad that they don't think that you have GD anymore.

and congrats on the 3rd tri!!

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Congrats on being in the third trimester! Smile And I am glad to hear that you do not have to be as diligent about your blood sugar levels. That will be a nice break.

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I'm glad to hear that you don't have GD, that's got to be a huge relief!