Paisley's Birth Story

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Paisley's Birth Story

Sorry I've been MIA for the last couple of weeks. It seems like every time I get a free few minutes to do anything one of the girls needs me or I'm trying to tackle some chore around the house. Anyway here is Paisley's birth story.

After not going into labor or showing any signs of progression (stayed 1cm dilated and 70% effaced for three weeks), we decided to go with another induction. It really worked great with my husbands schedule since he works nights and I really needed him to be awake on hands on when we came home from the hospital.

May 23rd we checked into the hospital about 8:00 that night. I had been having random and irregular contractions for awhile but when they checked me at 10:30 I was still stuck at 1cm. I was given a pill (can't remember the name of it) to help my cervix ripen for the next morning and also something to help me sleep. The nurse hooked me up to a contraction monitor and it showed some strong contractions that I was feeling and lots of little random contractions that I never felt. I had the same thing happen when I was induced with DD1. After everything was hooked up, DH and I just hung out until my sleeping pill kicked in and then I was out.

May 24th.....Looking back I really don't remember much about waking up except that I was having some contractions that morning about 6:30/7:00. I positioned myself on the bed so that I was on all fours and that helped to relieve some of the contractions I was having in my back. Due to back problems that I have as well as having an extra lumbar in my spine, I get to have back labor for my deliveries. Yay!! At 7:00, the nurse started the pitocin and told me that the dr was doing a c-section and when she finished she would stop by to do my epi. Her reasoning was why wait and be in pain if you didn't want a natural birth to begin with. I have to agree. That was the longest c-section ever!!!!!!! Let me state now that when they started the pitocin, no one had done a pelvic check on me, so I have no idea if I had dilated during the night or stayed the same. I had not had the pitocin for longer than 15 minutes when I remember how much I hate that stuff. My contractions went from me being able to use breathing and changing positions to help manage them to coming back to back. They were not even building in intensity and all my techniques were slowly going out the window. Thankfully my nurse brought me a birthing ball to sit on and I had DH rub his fist in my back every time I had a contraction and that helped tons. I was offered staidol (sp ?) earlier, but turned it down b/c I don't like how it just makes me high but does nothing for the pain. Well, in less than five minutes I told DH to go find that nurse and tell her I'd take whatever she had. At that point the nurse looked at the monitor and had to turn the pitocin to half the dosage b/c she said that I was having too many contractions. Keep in mind that during all this I have had no pelvic check and all this happened from 7-8am.

Around 8:00am my mom and grandmother arrived. My mother is a nurse and has worked labor/delivery and several other areas over the course of her 35+ career. So I liked having her there to watch over things. If they had arrived any later they would have missed the whole birth At 8:30 the dr arrived to give me my epi. Everything went great with that until she decided to break my water and see how I was progressing. Breaking my water was fine and routine. And then she checked my pelvic and said "Oh my gosh your at 9"!!!!!!! I remember thinking "Huh, 9 what" I looked over to say something to the dr and she was running out the door. So I started to ask the nurse if I could go to the bathroom, b/c by then I really had to pee and she just kept telling me not to push. By then I was starting to get nervous from everyone else freaking out and running around. DH was on the phone telling his mom to hurry since she was on her way. And the nurse was telling me that she wasn't going to have time to start a catheter so she was going to just quickly drain my bladder before delivery. No kidding that nurse was slinging things and dropping stuff she was in such a hurry and there I was just laid back in the bed waiting for my epi to fully kick in. Just a few minutes later I started feeling really sick and knew immediately that I was fully dilated. I had felt the same way with DD1. There was probably no more than 5 minutes between going from 9 to 10cm. The nurse just kept telling me not to push. At that point I had no intentions of pushing or doing anything.

Then the dr came back with a tech and the fun really began. The epi was working from the waist up (no kidding) and from the waist down I felt an incredible pressure. I pushed for over twenty minutes from start to finish. I know this is not long, but with DD1 I only pushed about three times and she was here. During the pushing I had my nurse telling me "no noise" and the tech monitoring my breathing. I really wanted to kick that tech, how can you push if you never get to exhale. DH told me later that he was really waiting for me to snap at one of them. I was scared that at any moment they were going to tell me that I would need a c-section if I couldn't deliver the baby. I had to basically close my eyes and focus on the pressure and moving it to get through everything. My nurse tried coaching me by telling me to imagine pushing out a watermelon. Why would you say that? The dr looked at her like she was crazy and said "No, think cantaloupe". I did feel quite a bit, but I think my mom, even with all her experience, had a hard time. She was on one side and DH on the other holding my hands and at one time she teared up and had to walk away for a few minutes. She forgot that the nurses really have to be mean cheerleaders and she said that a few times she could see that I was on the edge of panicking. Finally the baby crowned and in no time she was here. She had a perfectly round head. None of the molding you usually see. Overall, not the birth experience that I expected, but I was very pleased that I made it through it. If we do decide to have another I will get my epi way before I let them give me any pitocin. LOL.

Paisley Claire was born at 9:12am, weighing 7 lbs, 6 oz., and was 21 inches long. Her little round head was 13.5 inches. She nursed great in the hospital and at six weeks has been breastfed exclusively since birth!! She is a very laid back baby and a sweetie. She had a little bit of jaundice and had to go back to get checked out but after a few days her levels dropped. Other than that we haven't had the slightest problem.

It seems like this one has taken me longer to recover from. I had a 2nd degree tear that still feels tender. Maybe it's because this time around I'm a little older and trying to chase a toddler so I never really get to rest. Other than that we've just had to adjust to having a newborn around. Thanks for reading my speedy delivery.