**Pic Added**Appointment update

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**Pic Added**Appointment update

Appointment update: cervix is still measuring at .9cm. While not good, I haven't progressed further so that is good. Doctor kind of put me on strict bed rest as opposed to moderate so that is a bummer but baby girl is measuring right on at 30 weeks and 3lbs 6 oz. She has gained 1 lb in about 2 weeks so she is really right on target. Mommy on the other hand has lost 7 lbs in two weeks and the doctor is getting a little worried about that. I also have gd and they are putting me on meal time insulin to help me eat more carbs without spiking. Hopefully that will help with weight gain as right now I am 5lbs below pre pregnancy weight.

I got the cutest pic if Emeline too. She looks like she has a bow in her hair. I will try to post it later when dh gets home. The laptop is downstairs but it will be on Facebook for those that are there.

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Can't wait to see the pic!! And a little bow looking part, too? AWEEE!! :love10:

Keep hanging in there, mama.. You're doing great things for your princess! Biggrin

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Sounds like babygirl is healthy and doing well despite the challenges. I know it can be a little scary, I remember when I had my son, my cervix was only 2.0 cm at 20weeks, then 1.8 when I went for follow up at 22 weeks, but try to stay positive, u don't have too much further to go now!! I luv your choice of name BTW!