1st ob appointment today!

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1st ob appointment today!

The dr's office was 1 1/2 hours behind, I had all 3 kids, it was noon (LUNCH) before we got out of there.... BUT believe it or not it went great! Heard the little heartbeat at 160 bpm, measured great, lost 3 lbs but she didn't seem concerned. Had labs drawn, and a great lunch date w/ my kiddos! Everything seems good so far Smile She did discuss the tubal and cystectomy after delivery.. I'll be able to do the tubal right away, but will have to wait for the cyst because my uterus will still be too lg to have the surgery and reach the cyst. IF I have a c-section they can get all 3, baby, tube and cyst.. but I'm driving an hour away to have another vbac and avoid a repeat c-section at all cost... but we'll see how it goes... Enough time to worry w/ that later, right now I'm just gonna let the heartbeat soak in Smile

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Sounds like it was great! Glad your kids behaved. I know my one would not have been a happy camper! LOL

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congrats on hearing the heartbeat! Glad your appt went well and the kids behaved!

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Yey for a good appointment (:

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Yay. glad it went well!!

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:woohoo: for hearing the hearbeat! BEST sound in the world!!