2013 May Miracles!!

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2013 May Miracles!!

So now we have a board name, let's start dishing out ideas on what you all want the blinkie to look like! Smile

Flowers blooming?

Jewels sparkling?

Twinkling lights?


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Hmmm...What about a cloudy sky that become sunshine-y....or a sparkly sky with a shooting star that says the sex...or maybe a rainbow?

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Yay! We have a board name! I like your blooming flower idea. Perfect for May!

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Love it! I am good with any of your ideas! although you could have images of a sperm and egg turning into a full grown baby Smile lol - not so cute or pretty but pretty miraculous IMO Wink

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Going off Yaeli's idea...(which I tried to post last night, but my laptop was being a pain), but I liked how you took those pictures from our tickers showing the development. Maybe you could take a few of those and then show a baby at the end.