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VICKI - He has a Toyota Avalon.. a big old honkin thing.. (he says "it's a Toyota Analon, Limited" )

Ok so I think a small blessing in disguise has popped up!

A friend of mine I met about 12ish years ago when I bought my Ford (Car before this one..) called me out of the blue last week. Well, he's a little on the freaky side of life (I used to be a little more crazy and "free" with my days.. ) so I avoided his calls. But.. when I was off last week, he happened to call and I saw the called ID and recognized the number.. well, I answered the call and BSed for a bit.

So today, I recalled part of our conversation that he no longer works for "The Man", he now has his own car lot.. wellll... I shot him a text and asked him what he sold. He said used only but has friends at the Honda, Chevy.. AND TOYOTA stores!! I told him my concern about the BS of a salesman and my inability to do "stupid" and that we didn't wanna pay 35K for a vehicle..

He asked if I knew what I wanted so I told him..

Toyota RAV 4 - Limited Edition - V6 - Leather/Moonroof package.

But here's the kicker - I want it for the right price.

He said he would "find one at the Toyota store tomorrow".

Could this really happen!?!?!

I'll believe it when I see it.. but he's a pull-through kinda guy so.. would be cool!!!
Hopefully he comes through for you! Let us know!