35.5 Week Appointment

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35.5 Week Appointment

I guess it ended up being more like a 36 week appointment. I wasn't really expecting it, but they sprung the GBS swab and my first official cervix check on me. I'm glad to have that stupid swab over. It's really not pleasant, haha. My cervix was still closed, but the doctor said it was "soft", so hopefully we'll start making some progress in that department. I'm not holding my breath, though... I feel like I've got a cervix of steel, lol. My BP was good (I'm taking BP medication, so it ought to be, haha), no protein in urine. Everything looks good. I'm still doing twice-weekly NST's. I had one this morning, and baby looked awesome. Yay! I ate something sugary before-hand, so maybe that helped. Wink I go in on Monday for another u/s. My belly measured small yesterday. They've been doing growth scans every 2-3 weeks due to the high BP, just to make sure baby isn't growth-restricted. Doc said the baby has been measuring about 30th percentile, so we're doing another scan to make sure he's keeping to his growth curve and not dropping off the charts or anything. I think he's just fine, to be honest. I'm not a big person and neither is DH. I think to have a 30th percentile baby is probably normal for us. My doctor was actually surprised when my DS1 popped out at 8 and a half pounds, though. Wink We shall see.

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Sounds like a good visit to me! I still can't get over that we are due one day apart and our 2011 babies are only 4 days apart!

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Glad it was a good appt Smile I bet you're excited to get to see your LO.

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Such a great appt! I'm glad it's going well. KUP on the scans Smile

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sounds like a good appointment Smile maybe it's better just having the swap snuck in there on ya so you didn't have time to worry about it lol "Cervix of steel" lol you crack me up! At least they could FIND yours mine is STILL MIA???!!!! So aggravating, I just told them to stop checking me Sad Keep us posted on how the u/s goes!