36 week appointment

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36 week appointment

I had my appointment today, not to much going on really.. bp was good, had the group b strep test done and she tried to check me but my cervix was to high up yet. Baby is head down and getting ready! I'm SOOOO ready! my legs are swollen, my sciatic nerve makes it so freaking hard to walk, can't breathe, just feel like crap lol okay enough whining... on a side note my sil is getting induced in the morning!!!

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Aweeeeee, sorry to hear you're so uncomfortable. That's no fun at all. I hope baby comes sooner than later.

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I have to do the GBS test today.. yey.. lol

I feel you on the uncomfortable part.. not much longer though! So, how did everything go with your SIL??

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everything went great, she had a beautiful lil girl 5lbs 12 oz and is already home... this is number 5 for her so she's a pro lol

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Sounds like a great appointment. And congrats to your sister!

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Sounds like a great visit! Since I'm obsessing: how do they know baby is head down?

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Glad your appointment went well and that your sisters baby is great! 5!! Woah.

Callie- I think they can tell if baby is head down by feeling your stomach.. Drs know what to feel for.