37 week appt and scare!

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37 week appt and scare!

My appt today was set for 8:45. I got back into a room at 9:45. I was so mad and impatient!! Anyway, my blood pressure was in the normal range but in the high normal. So they set me up on the NST to check baby.. he was moving and looked great. They retook my bp and it was back down to normal. So they took blood work to make sure my bp is ok and I don't need medication. I go back Friday so they can recheck it. She said if it's high I may need to go to L&D to be monitored but I really think I was just so mad and impatient it was higher or the dumb nurse.. I've never seen her before and she usually doesn't do that work unless they're swamped. She had to pump it 3 times.. like she couldn't take it. I think she just took it wrong!! But who knows.. maybe it was a combo.

The NP mentioned maybe going on bed rest til Friday if it was still high but since it was back down I don't have to. Thank God! I definitely don't want to have to do that. So, I hope Friday they get me back there on time and that everything is ok. I was having some contractions too! I can't tell on my own a lot lol but on the NST I could, I was just sitting there looking at it as it was printing.

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Glad everything went well. I'm sure it was cause you were irritated.

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Ugh. It was for sure the wait and incompetent nurse. My blood pressure goes up and down depending on which nurse takes it and how long I've had to wait... Hoping you have a smooth appt on Friday and they don't make you wait again!

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:roll: Some people can be pains in the bum! You haven't really had an BP issues have you??

Soo glad they didn't put you on BR till Friday - which is only 2 days but still.. :annoyed: KUP on how it goes at the next appt! Biggrin

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Took my BP this morning and it's at 121/72, I think that's pretty good. So hopefully tomorrow shows the same results!! Smile

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Seriously? My blood pressure would be high if I had to wait an hour for my appt too! Grrrrrrr! I'm sure everything is fine!

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I bet you are fine. Sorry for the scare though. Mine shot up one day because I was stuck in traffic and running late to my appointment and I knew they were closing the office soon. But that was the only time in my whole pregnancy that it was high. Sorry you had to wait around, that's never fun.