39 week appt.

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39 week appt.

Yet another appt. I thought I would never make it this far along. Baby is still happy in my belly but I am having regular contractions that I thought were just Braxton hicks. They did a NST. and I was having contractions 5 min apart but nothing painful and baby's heartrate looked good so they sent me home. Ob said she could induce friday but since baby is happy in there I am going to wait. She will let me go to 41 weeks without induction. I think DH was alittle disappointed baby isn't coming today and getting anxious but I know it will happen soon enough!
I might be the last one to have a May baby!

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The main thing is the health and happiness of mama and baby. I'm glad things look good! It surely won't be too terribly long anymore, girl!!

Glad you had a great appt!! Smile

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Aww. Not much longer though. Maybe baby will come sooner rather than later!

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Yay for a good appointment. I think its great that you are waiting it out. Hopefully baby decides to come before induction day!

Either way, not too much longer!!

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Yay for happy baby!! She'll be here so soon. Keep us posted!!!