39 week appt today

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39 week appt today

Nothing too eventful. BP was elevated a little and I had +1 protein in my urine, which they didn't seem too concerned about. I had symptoms of pre-e with my other two and have been monitored closely with this baby. So far have flown through this one with no sign but may be looking like it's starting to show it's face. Anyways, OB checked me.. 1 cm and cervix still pretty high. I Was bummed but at least I'm not completely closed.... Soooo here's to waiting Wink

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Glad everything is looking good! You never know.. you could go into labor anytime! Hope it's soon for you!

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C'mon labor - get started!!! Biggrin Any names picked out yet? Biggrin

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Sounds like a good appointment. And its true that 1cm doesn't mean a thing. Hope your LO decides to come soon.

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I'm anxiously waiting with you! I think we have the same due date! Glad the appointment went ok!

I have my next appointment on Tuesday which would make me 40+2. I really hope I dont make it cause I dont want any interventions, so here's to hoping this week-end is it for us both!