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I'm down to double digits, ladies!! :clappy:

The crib came last night.. SURPRISE! Yahoo

And I got a surprise shipment of Tommy Tippie bottles, the steralizer kit and 4 anti-colic nipples from a college buddy who lives across the state! :love10:

Today is a 95% good day! Biggrin

Don't ask about the other 5% :roll:


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95% good is pretty darn good!!!! Sounds like you're getting all your ducks in a row! yay!

BTW, I'm curious about the 5%! Blum 3

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Yey! I always thought those Tommy Tippee bottles were funny looking but they do look more natural, as far as the nipple goes. MY day would be better if I got my darn Ergo.. didn't get it yesterday bc supposedly the address was wrong. UGH! Trying to reach the sender so she can check and change. Waiting game now..

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Yay! When you set up the crib, we need pics! And surprise gifts are always awesome!

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What an exciting day! Congrats on double digits! You're almost there!!! I love when I order baby stuff and receive it in the mail, it's like Christmas!!!

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95% is pretty good going! How exciting to get all these new baby things Smile

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Yay for baby things!!!