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Bram Alexander was born at 6:12 and weighed 6lbs, 12 oz!! Perfect in every way Smile

Will update more when I haven't PC.. On the phone.

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So exciting! And that was pretty fast. You go Momma! He is handsome Biggrin

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He is so awake! I love it. Congrats no good job!

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Good job mama! He's so handsome! Get some rest and enjoy him!!!

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super cute! and I'm super jealous!!!! lol maybe i'll be soon seems we've had a few of the same symptoms lately.

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Hi sweet man!!! Love his name Smile He is just precious! And so happy it was fairly quick for you! Can't believe our first Miracle has arrived!!!!!
Congrats Mama!

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Congratulations!! WTTW baby Bram Biggrin

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Aww look at him. Good job mama! Congrats to you and your family.

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WOW! I can't believe he's here! Congratulations! He's so sweet!

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Congrats again, Adriana Smile What a perfect little man!

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He is soo cute Aridana! Congratulations to your family! WWTW Bram!! Mr. Cutie.

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