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How are you and Bram doing, mama? Miss you!!

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Hope your first few days home are going well and you are getting lots of snuggles with Bram! I remember the first days home can be emotional and a big adjustment!

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Was just thinking of you too!! Check in when you have a minute!

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Checking in - Checking in!! Biggrin

Let me tell you something... I am sooooooooooooooooooo in love with this little man!!!! :love10: He's an awesome little eater.. a FANTASTIC little sleeper - I actually get a 2-3 hour blocks of sleep at night!! How cool is that? Smile I think I've needed a daytime nap MAYBE once or twice? Very manageable if ya ask me.

Knock on wood, we've been exclusively breast feeding since day 1 :woohoo: AND!! I have some milk supply making it to the freezer for when he starts day care! Yahoo SOO happy for that seeing as though I made it about one week with DD and that was it.. I REFUSE to give up.

DH is.. simply amazing. Period. He's such a WONDERFUL daddy.. not that I ever doubted him. Wink But you KWIM. Biggrin Not only has he given 110% of himself to this little guy and his needs, he's done the same for ME. I'll spare some of the details that are TMI but he's been there for me.. kinda shocked me. Wink lol..

We had to go today to buy some clothes.. like he didn't have enough?? Thing is, DH was almost 10 lbs at birth. I had GD. That combo put us at risk for a 9lb baby if I went to term so we bought 0-3 month and 3 month clothes which all were for up to 12 lbs babies. Having a little peanut who came home at only 6.5 lbs, we had 2 newborn nighttime onsies and that's it! Everything else he SWIMS in. Such a tiny little guy!!

Let me see what pics I can get uploaded.. Biggrin