Almost May!!

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Almost May!!

Can you all believe it's almost May?!?!?! I am too wondering who our next mama will be.. I can't wait until babies start being born and to see all those beautiful baby pics Smile

I'm getting super anxious about Lucas being born and a little nervous as well. Trying to get myself ready and get everything ready for Lucas also. I still have all of the 3+ month clothes to wash. I know I need to get it done now.. I keep thinking I'll wait until he's born but I won't have time then LOL So I will at least wash his 3-6 month stuff and wait on the rest.

I have so many blankets. I'm wondering if I should take some back? How many blankets do you think are sufficient for a baby for the first year? I've washed 1 blanket, some receiving blankets, 2 swaddling blankets and 2 bath towels. I have a quilt I'm keeping bc it has his name on it.. but I have maybe 4-5 more blankets. One is a pack of 3 fleece blankets.. a thicker blanket my mother gave him that I will keep and 2-3 other thicker ones. What do you all think, how many is enough? I just figure I could take those back and put that towards some bottles.

BTW, if you are bottle feeding as well as nursing like me, or just bottle feeding, what type of bottles have you chosen?

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I intended to EBF, so I never really bought any bottles. I think I had a couple medela bottles with the wide-base slow-flow nipples, and I thought I would only use them rarely.

Well... BFing didn't work out well at all for DS1 and I. I could NOT get him to latch for the life of me. I ended up pumping exclusively for him. My mom's coworker had a TON of Dr. Brown's bottles that she couldn't use. Her son was a few months older than mine, and he was premature, and he didn't take well to those bottles for whatever reason. She gave them to me, and we really liked them!! I ended up having different BFing issues with DS2 (he latched okay but I ended up with horribly, unbelievably cracked nipples that took MONTHS to heal). I again went to EPing and used those bottles. They've done us well through two babies. They would maybe be a pain in the butt to wash if you don't have a dishwasher, because each bottle has 3 vent pieces and the cap to wash. But if you have a dishwasher, there's a little holder thing that you can buy that all the pieces sit down nicely in, and you can just stick them in the dishwasher.

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I have held off on buying things I don't know for sure that I will use and bottles fall into that category. With DS,once he got his suck reflex at 15 months, we used the Playtex Ventaire. We really liked those. They still vented like the dr. Browns but without so many pieces. I plan on getting those again if it comes to it. I want to breast feed this time since I didn't have that option last time, but basing things on last time who knows what will happen.

As far as blankets. We have quite a few too. We have 3-4 thicker ones and a few waffle weave ones (my favorite) and a ton of receiving blankets most leftover from DS. I am planning on turning them into newborn fitted diapers once I am taken off strict bed rest. I don't think you can have too many blankets, well maybe you can, but it doesn't sound like you have too many.

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Mary, my sis in law used Dr. Brown's with my nephew and they looked really aggravating LOL!! I do have a dishwasher though.

Christine, I've wondered about the Platex Ventaire. I used NUK with Noah and I will probably try them again. I wish I was a SAHM and could just not worry about having to bottle feed any.. but alas, I'm blessed to be able to do the amount I will Smile

As far as blankets, I just wonder if I will really need that many LOL! But I'll just wait and see. I just don't want to keep a bunch and not use them all you know? Even though I'll probably keep one in each vehicle.. let my mom keep a couple at her house since she's watching him while I work and keep some at home also.

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Blankets we have..

3 thick, fluffy ones for use over the car seat or staying warm at night
6-7 swaddling / receiving (thin) kinds
1 medium weight but too thick for swaddling which has yet to be used for anything specific. Smile

I'm EBF right now but we do have a 4-pack of TTs, just in case. I've heard awesome things about Doc Brown and TT but if memory recalls accurately, DD did just fine with the Walmart kind, even though she was a very colicky / acid reflux baby.

FWIW - DD wouldn't latch on at ALL.. I was able to EBF for maybe one week with her then it got to the point we had to intervene. DS is completely opposite from DD. He's a GREAT little nurser and my milk is hanging in there so far. It really is completely different with both kids! Smile

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So I guess I can never have too many blankets Blum 3 Lol

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With Riley I felt like I had WAYY too many blankets. LOL.

Regarding bottles... I kinda just grabbed one of a few different types and found which one he liked best. Each baby likes different bottles.

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:lurk: With dd I bought plates vent air and nuk bottles and she hated the nuk ones. I bf and pumped with her. This baby I got some Avnet to try too, lot less parts. We will see what she likes.

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I would say it's better to have to many blankets than not enough. They can get dirty pretty quick so maybe keep most of them.
As for bottles, I'm still using the Avent bottles with DS2. I like them because they go with my pump and they can be changed into sippy cups too. Plus they are easy to clean, not a ton of parts to them.
Have fun getting ready for his arrival!

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I used the playtex drop-ins with DS2 but I found it annoying to have to make sure to always have the drop ins on hand... but it did work well for a colicky baby. Debating between those again and the good ole Avent bottles which will go with my Avent pump.

As for blankets... well, we have plenty of blue/boy blankets to go around, but nothing for a girl yet Smile I'm sure my Mom has some waiting in the wings and we'll get some as gifts (we don't do baby showers so will be getting gifts after baby has arrived!). Not too worried.

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I lurk more than I post.. But here's my input.. I have tons of blankets too.. whether or not I use them, I have them. I used drop in's and playtex ventair with both DS and DD. I BF with both and went back to work, so I pumped and did formula. This time I'm hoping to BF longer and pump since my job is a lot more flexible. We bought TT's. I've heard so many good things about them, so we're going to try them.

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I'm still undecided about the bottles.. ugh. Maybe I can get a few singles and see which he will prefer Smile