Another Marathon Appointment

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Another Marathon Appointment

I went in for my 38 (37+6) appointment yesterday and was scheduled to see another doctor as mine was on call. Mine had said I would have my membranes stripped this week seeing as how they were recommending me for c-section next week and I want to vbac. Anyhow, baby girl is not being reactive on their stupid machine as usual, but the doctor said she looked good enough so I came off and went to see the dr. The doctor refused to do the membrane strip and I had my mom and DS come with me in case I was in too much pain to drive home. Bringing DS anywhere is a pain in the butt so everything was just a mess. The dr. checked me and I am still 4cm and 80%. Then she noticed I lost about 1/2 lb since Friday. Big Whoop right? I have barely gained 5lbs this whole pregnancy and have been up and down the whole time. She decides she wants an u/s done to check fluid levels just in case that is where the weight is going. Well, the tech left unannounced 15 minutes early so the dr. did the u/s herself. She didn't know how to work it exactly and ended up saying my fluid was 5.3 which is "get this baby out now" low. So I am sent to L&D. My appointment was at 9:45 and by now it is 12:30.

I get to L&D (short walk) and they put me on their monitors and baby is still not really moving, but her heart rate looked fine. I waited over an hour for u/s to be ready for me and the tech did all the measurements again. My fluid ended up being over 10 so I was sent back to triage to wait for what my doctor wanted to do (you know, the good one that was on call thankfully). They decided to send me home at about 3pm. By this time since I hadn't eaten, my blood sugar dropped pretty low and despite me telling the nurse that they did not even give me a snack. So I walked back to the OB office to make my Friday appt and about passed out. My doctor had put on my discharge to make an appointment for an nst then an office visit with her. When I told the receptionist that, she said well she is booked. That's all fine and dandy lady but obviously my dr. wants to see me. I got the appointment made so we went home (and got BK on the way Wink )

Funny thing though, the triage nurse came in to tell me I was going home and she said that my doctor had called the other doctor and they "conversed" about what to do. I guarantee it was more an argument than a conversation based on my doctor's opinions and her previous vague comments about the other doctor. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall of that conversation!

Worst case scenario, I only have 2 weeks left of this roller coaster.

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Wow. Just way more trouble than you need!

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Oh jeez, that is a whole lot of trouble, but at least its nearly over with. Hopefully your next appt. goes a lot smoother and you can get your sweep then.

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WOW! Talk about getting the run around! I'm so glad you got to go home.

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Sorry you're having to go though so much but you're almost there!!! I also feel like the doctors go a little overboard with all the precautions they take sometimes. I've been sent twice for additional ultrasounds d/t not gaining weight from one appointment to the next, but seriously when appointment are only 6 days apart how much can u really gain? I also question the accuracy of the measurement on ultrasounds etc but it will all be worth it soon enough! You look great in your pic by the way:)

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Wow! What a crazy appt. to think you were about to have baby to going home?!?!? crazy! At least it's not to far away and hopefully it happens on it's own.
Love the belly pic! You look great!