Appointment and other things

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Appointment and other things

Hi Ladies, it is finally the weekend so now I can update, lol. The work week nearly kills me every time. I had an appointment on Thursday and it went well. Dr. was able to find the heart beat, it was 166 bpm. She asked if I was hoping for a girl. I told her it didn't matter to me, but I husband has his heart set on it and I was trying not to get his hopes up, ha ha. Jack's heart rate was always in the 140's or low 150's, so I guess there is some hope for a girl. I had my blood drawn and the person did not do a good job. She blew a vein on my left arm and it swelled up to a marble sized bump by evening. I had the school nurse look at it the next day, but by that time the bump had gone down. I don't know why they always have to act like they are the best. I tell them that I am a hard stick and I show them where veins can be found and they are always like, oh I can find any stinking vein. smh

I talked to her too about my anxiety. I thought I was handling things fine, but I think I have just been repressing everything. I go to bed anywhere between 8 and 10 and am always up about 1 tossing a turning til 5 when I have to get up. It is starting to affect daily life so she said to think about it this month and decide if we want to try meds. I am not a big fan of meds while pregnant, but I can feel myself getting out of control. Anyone ever been on anxiety meds while pregnant?

Other things: DH and I finally...well you know...for the first time in about 6 weeks. I was completely relieved to not have any bleeding this time. Biggrin Game on! LOL

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Sounds like you had a good appt! My OB told me heartbeats range from 120 to 170 depending on if the baby is sleeping or active, nothing to do with gender. Old wives tales, gotta love em!
I get some anxiety too when pregnant. I can usually sleep ok at night though except last night, it was terrible. Maybe you can just take some unisom so you can sleep better and maybe your anxiety won't be as bad during the day?

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I am not holding my breath for a girl, it was just funny that the doctor was teasing about it since it was a higher rate. I take tylenol pm sometimes, but that doesn't help believe it or not. I have an anxiety disorder, but haven't been on meds in 6 years. I was doing so well managing it. Sad

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Yey for a good appointment! Sorry you can't sleep Sad I'm a very light sleeper and have horrible sleeping habits. So I'm kind of used to it. Hope your OB can help if it doesn't get any better!

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Good luck figuring out the anxiety thing. I've never taken meds for it while pregnant, but I have taken an anti-depressant that works for anxiety before (lexapro), and when you're suffering, it's like night and day difference.. So I hope you and the doc can find a suitable plan.

Woohoo for no bleeding with DTD!

Oh, funny you should mention the vein thing... This is TOTALLY off-topic, but I was thinking about it earlier and you reminded me of it. A woman came in to my pharmacy the other day for me to give her a flu shot and she had just been to the lab. They had to draw blood and had to stick her four times to find a vein. She showed us the four spots. And she sorta went on about how she's so hard to find a vein on and blah, blah, blah. So I went out, gave her the flu shot, and it was done in like two seconds... And she couldn't understand how I did it so fast. "But that other girl took forever and had to stick me four times!" LOL... I kept trying to explain to her that the flu shot is into a muscle, not IV, so I didn't have to worry about finding a vein, hahah.. She did NOT get it though. So I finally gave up on explaining and just laughed and said, "I must just be good at it" hahahaha. Wink

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yay for a good appointment, might just be coincidence but both of my girls heart rates have been higher than my son's. This lo's is in the 150 range so we'll see! I'm praying for healthy but hoping for a boy Wink I hope you can get things worked out w/ your anxiety, I think a healthy momma is most important even if that means some medication. I have a pregnancy pillow that is AMAZING and helps me sleep until my bladder wakes me up lol maybe that could help you?

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Love hearing about great appointments!!

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Awesome on the great apppt!! I'm in the same boat with you right now in struggling - hang in there and don't let the Dr. be passive about it.. Help has to be the only option.. I've heard Unisom is a good option to help sleep.. have you asked about that one? :bigarmhug: