Appointment today

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Appointment today

All is well: up 18 lbs from pre-preg weight, BP good, baby's heart beat sounds good, measuring right on at 26 weeks. Also, did glucose tolerance test, but had gestational diabetes last time so I expect to again. They said it might not be until early next week that I get results...I think that is a little ridiculous, but I've already implemented a GD diet so, it will just be confirmation of what i already expect. ...but then maybe someone will order some glucose test strips for me so I can check at home! They will NOT order them for me until I fail the dumb. Also, got Tdap.

Next visit is nurse only for Rhogam shot on 2/20/13 (28.5 weeks).

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I get my Rh shot tomorrow. Glad your appt was a good one! Biggrin I'm still holding out hope you pass the test!!! :clappy:

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Hey, you never know.. maybe you passed Smile Glad everything is going well!

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Yay for a good appointment. Smile