Appointment today too

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Appointment today too

Had my 37.5 week appt this morning. After a weekend of contractions and general misery I was hoping my doc would tell me I'm in labor...
No such luck Sad She did an u/s to check fluid levels (which look great) and she guesstimated based on measurements, which she said get hard to be accurate by now, baby is already 7lb 11oz :? she told me at least 3 times that it's hard to be accurate so not to panic LOL...
She also checked me and said I'm 'maybe' a fingertip dilated if anything. No sign of imminent labor but I guess you never know.
So no excitement here just wishful thinking... oh and a cold coming on.
Wallowing in my misery Sad

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Oh no, sorry you are getting sick. That is the worst at this point in pregnancy. Sorry about the dilation news, I'm right there with ya. And wow, so big already, I know its just a guess, but still!!!! Let's hope she decides to come sooner rather than later!

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Oh Yaeli, I thought for sure you would have said you were at least a couple cm. Oh well, it is still early I guess. I am getting over a cold. I hope yours goes through fast!

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Glad everything is looking good and yes, she's growing fast! But you never know.. she could be tiny Blum 3

Maybe you will start dilating more soon girlie. I know you are ready to get things started!