Appointment tomorrow

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Appointment tomorrow

and I have such anxiety. I don't know why, but I am SO nervous about it Sad I have already seen the h/b on an ultrasound (3 weeks ago) and this nausea is telling me all is ok, but I dunno. Hoping I'm just being overly sensitive and hormonal right now :roll:
Haven't decided about whether to do the NT scan yet either, and I know I need to make a decision about that too because I need to schedule it if I am going...
Oh, and I already have to call the insurance company about something and that is giving me more anxiety than the rest of it put together.

:wine: would be nice right about now... Smile

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I'm sorry, Yaeli! I hope you feel a little better about it today!

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Have a great appt today, Yaeli!! Are you getting another U/S today or no?

It's gonna be a great appointment - no worries!!! Biggrin

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Have a great appt! KUP!

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hope it went well