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Appointment update

Good visit: measuring just right at 35-36 weeks, good BP, clear urine, happy with glucose numbers, just under 1/2 lb weight gain in a bit over 2 weeks...they aren't thrilled with the little bits of weight gain (about 1.5 lb in last 2 mo), but it's hard to gain on a GD diet when you are as busy/active as I am... Now moving to weekly visits! They took me from every 3-4 weeks to weekly, finally! I'm happy to have more followup, but still no ultrasound or NST despite the GD because they say I'm doing so well with managing it (i made sure she knew it wasnt EASY for me to manage it, but that i am a bad ***). Next week, GBS swab; oh boy!

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Yay! That all sounds great! My doctors haven't been concerned with my weight gain lately. I am a couple pounds under pre-pregnancy, but I think they are still more concerned with an early delivery than anything else. I am sure you are fine. If you are gaining at all that is good. It truly is difficult to do with GD.

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Woohoo for a good appt. It's great to hear that you are such a bad a Smile It's true though, you are Wink Glad things are going well. Bummer on the no U/S but baby is coming soon....

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:clappy: Awesome appt! No.. doing so good with your GD is NOT east but you ARE a bad a$$! Dirol You don't have much longer to have to manage it.. You're getting close by the day! :clappy:

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I think you're doing awesome Blum 3 I wish I would have small weight gains now lol but I know that won't happen!

Ugh, at the GBS swab, I had it last week but it sucks.. I mean it's fast but ugh.. just uncomfortable with them having to do it lol