Appt follow up..

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Appt follow up..

So we're 2 weeks and 2 days old today.. Here's the stats..

4/10 (Wed - Birth day) he was 6.12
4/16 (Tuesday - Home appt) he was 6.02
4/17 (Wednesday - Pedi office) he was 6.02
4/24 (Wednesday - Pedi office) - he was 6.06

4/26 (Today) - he was 6.08

We're up 2 ounces! :clappy: That's an ounce a day which they seem to be pretty ok with! We do go back on Tuesday for another weight check.. he's still below birth weight and they want him back there sooner than later.

At the suggestion of the nurse practitioner, DH and I went and bought him some new caps, gloves and socks. She said he burns calories when he has to fight to stay warm so we're going to try to cover as much as possible to keep him from fighting to stay warm.

On a side note, he's only in the 5th percentile in weight. COMPLETELY opposite from DD who was always in the 75th percentile range for the first year! Lol She was a chunker!

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Grow Bram Grow!

I think he is doing fine on the weight front. (You were 36+ some when you had him right?) I wouldn't worry so much about the percentiles and what not, kids all grow at different rates.

Did you wind up supplementing or trying to just get him the hind milk?

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:woohoo: GROW GROW GROW! I agree! :woohoo:

I am supplementing, yes, but it's with BM that I've been trying to store up. I hate that I'm having to use it before day care but not even an option if it means getting him what he needs to get stronger and healthier. Smile

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Just keep swimming! The more you nurse and pump the more you will make. Don't let them scare you either. A gain is a gain and because he was born early it will be harder for him to gain. Jack was either at 3% or off the charts until he was 2 1/2. No matter how many calories we pumped into him, he was just a slow gainer. As long as he is gaining and hitting milestones, do not worry. Biggrin You are doing a great job!

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I think he's doing awesome Smile Way to go, Bram!!

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Sounds like you're doing good! I wouldn't worry too much about the numbers. I EBF with my son & he was a really slow gainer at first, was still below birth weight at 2 weeks old, but by 6 months he was a chunky monkey.