Appt today..

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Appt today..

All in all, a good appt. Biggrin BP is back in a good range.. she didn't think my sugar levels were too horrific but still wanted me to continue working on them.. (whew!!) HR was 147.. just a growing little weed of a little man Biggrin

I go back in 2 weeks.. start my NSTs on that Friday. Smile Only gained .8 this time! :clappy:

Kinda routine! Biggrin

Oh yeah.. forgot to mention..

HE'S MEASURING 34 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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WOAH! He's measuring big! Are you SURE you aren't further along? I've always thought you were bigger than what your ticker said!

Glad to hear everything looks good. Why are you having NSTs so early?

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Lol I'm QUITE sure I'm not any further along. Lol DH and I waited to have sex until we were married (6/22/12) .. the first month we didn't try to get preggo.. and when AF came July 29, I started charting and using OPKs.. it happened that month and we got the BFP 8 days later. Smile

As for the NSTs, they are for the GD.. to make sure he's doing ok.. I don't know anything about them - never had one before.. so not sure what the "right" time frame is for them. :dontknow:

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Adriana, he's just a cute big boy Smile

I had NSTs with Noah due to my high blood pressure and high amniotic fluid with him. I would sit for maybe an hour and they would see how often he moved, etc. Quite boring lol I remember them in the third trimester as well.