Appt went GREAT

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Appt went GREAT

Here's my little baby. I saw better views but this is what my dr. printed. he said i's a 70-30 that it's a boy. Smile
I didn't hear the heartbeat (dr. said there are theroies that it can cause birth defects during the first tri so he doesn't take the risk) but he said it's about 140-150. I go in to hear the hb next month and then on the 4th of Jan we have another u/s
Alls well and baby is healthy. measured at 12w1d so they are keeping the due date the same.
I'm so happy!
Oh and since zofran has me so backed up I got switched to metoclopram (regdal) it's also supposed to help get things moving in there. I just took it so I'll see how it goes. I am also having to take miralax.


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YAY for a great appointment!!! I'll have to log onto my phone b/c my work filter won't let me see PB account pics.. But I'm sooo super happy your little one is doing a-ok! Smile YAY!

AHHH!!! Our first "possible" gender.. :woohoo:

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What a cute pic of your baby! Glad the appt. went well. I can't believe you found out this early that it may be a boy! even more exciting! congrats!

My appt. is later today but no u/s. still sad I don't get to see my baby.

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Got to see the US!! Congrats!! What a sweetie!! Smile

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Awww! I do have to say that your baby's nub looks like a boy (: my DS wants a brother so bad! Glad your appointment went well girlie (:

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Theories that hearing the HB can cause issues? but an ultrasound is ok? I am confused.

That is a cuuute picture of your baby!

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Thanks ladies Smile I am escited!
Mary- yeah i have no idea... but I'm ok waiting i saw it on the u/s and we'll hear it next month.

So i finally decided to do and enema. I am so backed up i couldn't even squeeze the whole bottle in.. maybe half. I am EXTREMELY uncomfortable in everyway. pushing so hard that i almost thre up twice. Sad meh. not my favorite part of the day.

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Yay for a great appt!! Hi cute bean! Sorry bout the backup Sad Hope it gets better!!!

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Ugh, sorry about the backup... The zofran did that to me a few weeks back, and I resorted to an enema too. I had never done one and it is NOT my idea of a good time, so you KNOW how miserable it is if you're willing to resort to that! I hope you get some relief soon. I kept taking zofran, but have taken a stool softener once or twice a day and that helped.

woohoo for getting to see your little one and a gender guess!!!