Baby J's 4D U/S pics

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Baby J's 4D U/S pics

I guess they aren't as bad as I thought they were.. but he had his feet ALL up in his face and his cord shoved in his eye.. around his nose.. lol.. And absolutely would NOT move.

Here he is! Biggrin

YAWNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!! (The black is where he's pressed up against me)

And yes, still a boy Smile

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Sooo soooo cute!

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Aweeeee, those are good pics! I love the yawn one!

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Aww, too cute!

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Amazing!! Cute boy!!!!!!

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So cute! I think those pics are great! Can't believe how much detail in the face you can see!

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I love them Smile too sweet!

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Cuuute tfs

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Such awesome pics!! Can't wait to compare them to his face when he's born Smile