baby movement (update)

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baby movement (update)

Thanks ladies for your advice!
I took a nap and usually will feel some movement lying down but after 2 hours nothing! So I called and the doctor on call told me to come in to L&D to get checked out. Baby looked good on the monitors and started moving! They gave me some juice and thought I might be dehydrated and need to drink more water. They checked me and I am still 2 1/2 cm but fully effaced with bulging water. Nurse doesn't think I will be pregnant much longer!
So I am home now just waiting. I have an appt. Tuesday for my 39 week checkup.

I know almost all of you are busy with your newborns (and hopefully 2 of you are off having babies!!!) so lurkers please feel free to reply...

I haven't felt any movement for alittle over 8 hours now and not sure if I should be concerned. My ob DID tell me to call if baby stopped moving. I have tried pressing on my belly, drinking cold soda, eating.... and nothing. Usually baby is very active and I feel kicks all the time. I have never really had to do kick counts before. I'm about to pull out the fetal doppler and lay down to see if I get any response. Not sure what else to do? and wondering if I should call?

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I would call your doctor or L&D, they may want you to go in for a non-stress test.

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I'd call your doc just to be on the safe side. I know I had quiet times with Keren and she got me panicking until I was about to call the doc and then she woke up and didn't stop Smile I'm sure It's just the cramped quarters and her sleepy time but I'd def call...

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Definitely drink a big glass of juice and lie down and see if you can get her to move. If you still can't feel any movement, do call the Dr. Better safe than sorry! She may just be sleeping but getting checked out is wise, even if you feel silly about doing it.

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I agree. Definitely call! I do remember times when Lucas was not very active though I guess bc of no room!

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How are you doing, mama? Did you call? With that posted so long ago and no response from you, I'm wondering if you went in and are working on a baby now? Smile :clappy: KUP, mama.. hope all is ok!!

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I'm so glad you got checked out and all is well with baby. Hope you get to meet him/her sooner rather than later. It won't be too long either way though Biggrin