To Baby Shower or Not....

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To Baby Shower or Not....

Those of you that this your 2nd or 3rd baby.. Are you having a baby shower? This is my third baby. We didn't plan on having more kids so I have nothing left. My family wants to give me a shower, but I just feel so weird about it... What are you guys doing?

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I had showers for my 2nd and 3rd baby, 1st was in England so no showers and fast forward 12 years before #2 arrived then baby #3 was a girl. I don't think I will have a shower for this one, baby #4 but if someone offers I might invite a few close friends and family out or get together and just request diapers and no big gifts.

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If you have nothing left and people want to throw you one, I say go for it. My friend had three kids, the first was a boy and we had a shower. No shower for #2 because it was a boy and she had everything still. The third was a girl so I hosted a shower for her. Since she had all the actual supplies we all just bought her mega girly stuff! It was so fun! Dresses and hair ties...aweeeee...

I think the shower for #2 thing depends on what family and friends want to do. It doesn't seem required to me but if people want to give you one, say YES! Smile


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If someone offers I will allow it, but I won't go searching it out. With DS my mom threw me one, and invited tons of people, all family, but family I didn't see often so it was awkward for me. I love all of my family and all, but asking people to buy me stuff that I don't know super well is weird for me. The party for DS was thrown about a week after he was born (my mom was super busy that year). I didn't mind parading around the baby, and if we do one this time around I would prefer it that way again. BUT I will make the request for everyone to buy used things (seriously some of my extended family members spent quite a lot last time) or do a diaper party or a onesie party or something.

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If I have a girl and someone wants to throw me one, I'm all for it. If it's a boy, I don't see it necessary but if they want to, I won't mind.. I'd love it to be a diaper shower if it's another boy or something simple.

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I didn't get a baby shower with my 2nd so there is no way I'll get one with this one either. I am fine with that because I have EVERYTHING and then some.
If someone wants to throw you one then I definitely wouldn't say no.

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It's been 10 years since I had DD so I've had 2 people actually mention they want to give a shower.. and a number of other ladies ask if I'm having one. Because it's been so long, they say it's perfectly ok.

I won't argue.. but certainly won't be asking for one!! Biggrin

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I had a nice close friends and family only one for DD. I didn't seek out having one last time and I won't this time either. If someone wants to I'll be glad for it - there are a few little things i would like this time around that we didnt get last time or even a 'diapers only' party would be fun just as a get together to be excited about the LO.

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I think if someone is offering, Go for it! That's a great way to get stuff again. I am hoping someone with offer to do one for me. I had my little boy almost 5 years ago and when his dad and I split he got almost everything.. and on top of that I gave stuff away to people when they started having babies- I didn't think I'd need them any time soon and I didn't (I was 18 when I had him... so yeah)

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If it's a boy, we definitely won't have one. I've got a 3-yr-old boy and a 20-month-old boy, so we're STOCKED on boy stuff, hahaah. I honestly doubt I'd have one even if it was a girl, but if someone offered, I doubt I could decline, hahaha.

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I had a huge baby shower with my first, it was mostly all co-workers though. I didn't keep any of the stuff because I was living in an apartment at the time and didn't have anywhere to store it, plus it was almost 6 yrs ago. I've told all my co-workers I don't want another shower cause I don't think its right but I'm sure some of my close friends will still get me stuff anyhow. I don't mind second hand stuff at all so I'll probably get most of my things from friends who have recently had babies. A few have already offered me things but I'm just waiting to find out boy or girl.

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I had several with my first and a combo shower with two other girls with my second. This time my mom just asked me about a big gift that people could pitch in to get me which is usually what we do for subsequent babies. I asked her for an Arm's Reach Cosleeper because for the other two we borrowed a bassinet.