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Okay so I got an ultra sound done (trans vaginal) and they didn't see anything, got a blood test done and it came back positive BUT with very low numbers of 17.8, doctor was unsure if I am miscarrying or if it is so early or that the pregnancy is somewhere else that's why they can't see anything on the ultra sound he also advised to keep an eye on the bleeding and to see my OB as planned on Monday and to take it easy until then. Please please please pray that it's just way early still and that my numbers go up come Monday. I have mixed emotions right now.

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You have my prayers sweetie. Sad I really hope little bean is just growling slowly... :bigarmhug:

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wIll pray for you!

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Praying hard for you!

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Good luck to you. :bighug:

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Hoping you get some great #'s on Monday! You will be in my thoughts!