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Back to the Name Game

So last night I told DH we should get crackin at the names again..

So we've come up with the following -

* Austin Alexander (Of course Lol )

* Aiden Alexander (Not sure how to spell Aiden? Ayden?)

* Grayson Alexander (Which I actually kinda like a little bit more than I thought I would!)

None the less, we're in the same boat as before.. nothing really pinned down. :x

How's everyone else doing with names? Smile

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What happened to Bram? I like Grayson as a name, but I STILL like Austin the best!

I haven't even allowed myself to think of other names just in case I really really like something else...LOL

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I like Grayson and Austin the best. Aiden is cute too, but its very popular right now and I like to steer clear of the most popular names even though I like them.

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He says back (via email..) :roll:

"My Indecissive Husband" wrote:

I really like Bram. It's more unique than any of the other names. I heard a guy calling his son Grayson in our neighborhood yesterday, so that's out. Aiden is too close to a girl's name. Austin is still in the running, although I still prefer Bram.

Secret Girls, I think Jessica is sending some kinda vibe to get our son named Bram ROFL


I guess it's not THAT bad.. but I really like Austin.. I told him I can't feel a "warm fuzzy" for Bram because Austin is holding is hostage. :biglaugh:

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LOL, you can't use Grayson because someone in the neighbourhood has a Grayson? That's really funny! Do you even know them? I normally throw names out if we have friends who have used it...but if you don't even know those people I don't understand why that would be out.

Before I read your hubby's reply I was going to say that I really like Grayson....but it sounds like I'm too late on that one. LOL.

Aiden is cute, but it's one of those VERY popular names. A boy name we liked for DD was Kaden but that has become too popular for use this I don't want two K names.

Is the baby's last name going to be Johnson? I can't help but notice most of those names rhyme with Johnson. Is that deliberate or accidental?

(BTW, I still like Austin!)

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I totally like austin. It's my DH's middle name too. Biggrin

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Adriana, actually... I send secret "Bram" waves to you every day! HA!

No really, I'm actually not a big fan of Bram, ONLY because I would be thinking of Dracula all the friggin time...haha.

Okay.. *sends Austin vibes to Adriana's DH*

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Good luck! My DH won't "stick" to a boy name until baby is born after our experience with DS1 - we literally couldn't settle on a name and found the "right" name a week before I delivered and put it on our list...then he came out and we were both 100% sold on that being his name. We have a handful that we like & we both are pretty sure of what we'll go with but he likes the idea of being open on the issue until we see him. Drove me nuts last time, but not so much this time. Maybe something more fitting will pop up last minute again Wink

I have a friend with a DS Austin and I think it's adorable. Never been big on Aiden personally, too irish & popular for me but it's not a bad name, just NMS. Grayson is very cute. Not a huge fan of Bram (sorry I immediately think Raisin BraN) but if it has meaning to you guys then all the better! GL trying to get your DH to settle.

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I like Bram or Grayson best. I have a cousin named Austin so that has negative vibes for me, lol. And I agree that Aidan has become very popular, although it was on our list originally.

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Thanks for all the feedback ladies. Smile I think as time wears on we'll narrow it down to a couple we're fond of and just go from there.. I did the "have 2 names on standby until baby is born" and it worked ok for DD. We may be at that point for DS.. Bram and Austin Biggrin

Tick Tock! Biggrin