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    Default Back pain?

    Hey Ladies...sorry it's been a while since I posted, I mainly lurk.....3 kids keep me a little busy
    Anyway the back pain is terrible with this pregnancy. Is anyone else experiencing lower back pain & is there anything you are doing to help?

    Thanks!!! Hope you are all well
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    I have had bad lower back pain for a couple months. My OB said I could try one of three things: a support belt, a chiropractor, or physical therapy. She said that in later pregnancies, all our hormones that keep us together loosen faster and that is what causes the pain. I chose the belt as I really don't need any more appointments and it is helping a lot. I got the BRUS brand one since that is the only one they carried here, but it really is helping.
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    Yup.. TONS of back pain here, too. Haven't brought it up to my OB b/c I thought it was all totally normal but it might just for peace of mind.

    Totally normal, though!
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