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    Question Bathing baby

    Are you doing baths or sponge baths? How often?

    We are still doing sponge baths, he still has his cord and he doesn't really get dirty anyway. Ofherthan the usual areas, bum, private, neck and face. We are doing sponge baths once every 2-3 days or so. He had one Saturday and we will do one tonight or tomorrow.

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    Her cord fell out pretty quickly (at about a week I think) so we've given her a couple of regular baths already. She is always covering herself in spit up which smells pretty gross so I need to bathe her more often, every 2-3 days (would do it every day but dont want to dry out her skin).
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    Every other day, here.. most times in his bath sling in the sink but sometimes in the tub with water filled with his sling.. I'll roll water over his head.. face.. and wash him up good. I don't want him scared of water.
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