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I know I just found out I'm pregnant, but I am already wondering when I will get a preggo belly. It's already sticking out (probably bloat) Since this is my third I am assuming it will pop earlier, with my other 2 I was showing at around 10 weeks or so, so I am expecting around then or sooner.
Here's my problem, we wernt planning on telling anyone until 12 weeks for good reason. I'm sure everyone is going to know before then unless I hide in my house until then. Maybe I should just tell everyone earlier? I don't want anyone to think they arn't important enough to know.
I'm going to go through my old pregnancy pics and see how long I can get away with hiding it.
What is everyone else doing?

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I'm not sure yet, I really want to wait until I am close to the end of the first trimester or out.. but that will depend on how fast I show too. I know they say you show earlier with your second!

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We will prob tell DHs parents at a trip we have planned with them on Oct 19. That will be 11 weeks and it would be really hard not to talk with them about it...I'll probably be showing some by then too so, I'll need to tell. We will tell my parents right around then too probably via FaceTime since we won't see them until mid November. I'll try to keep it off Facebook for longer, but that isn't always easy...

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You could always just blame it on a really large lunch.

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I'm already in Maternity clothes :roll: my pooch has always been bad since DD but even blaming it on food won't work anymore.. I have a tank top and hoodie on today and the Old Dominion delivery guy congratulated me without even asking if I was pregnant lol.. Check out my blog for pics. I'm just a big ball of bloat lol..

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Target has a huge clearance sale on maternity clothes. 50%-70% off. They are summer clothes, but hey we pregnant ladies get hot anyways.