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I got my BFP yesterday, but didn't realize it until today. turns out, you really do have to give the Internet cheapies a full 3 minutes!!!!!
I thought i had another BFN this am, tossed it in the trash in anger, and went downstairs for coffee. Came back upstairs, had to pee, and as I looked over to tear tissue the test caught my eye, and I thught, "hey.... What's that??" and there it was, a BFP!!! I dug through the trash to compare with yesterday's test, and yesterday's looked mildly positive too.
I double checked with SMU and checked at 5 minutes to make sure I wasn't seeing evaporate lines. That was BFP, and I did FRER with afternoon urine and got a definately line.
We are excited, but scared of course.
Told DH by outing a cute "big sister" tshirt on DD this morning.

My EDD is may 3rd, but I will have a scheduled c/s due to my history. I had a cs with DD due to prematurity, and they found I had a complete uterine septum at that time. I had surgery last fall to have it removed, but that leaves two separate scars on my uterus which makes it more likely to rupture with labor. My pg is also considered high risk. Hopefully this one will be less dramatic than my last!!!

Happy to be here. Guess I can cancel the appt. I made with my infertility surgeon I made yesterday! Smile

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Yay! Congratulations! I hope you a have a HH9M's. My DS1 was born at 33.5 weeks due to PROM, that was in 2008.

Does your doc believe you will be able to carry closer to term since your surgery?

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Congrats!!! Yahoo

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Congrats!! HH9M to you!

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:woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:

OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats!!!!!!!!!!! Yahoo Welcome to the club!!!! Biggrin

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Wooo hoooo! Congratulations!!! I'm so happy for you. What a funny story about how you found out. I love it!

Sorry to hear you have health conditions. I hope this pregnancy goes smoother now that they know what's going on and some of the issues have been addressed.

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YAY!!!! Congrats!!!! Love to see bfp's roll in!!

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Congrats hh9m!!!

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Congratulations! I hope that everything goes smoothly for you this time around!

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Congratulations Smile

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