Big Fat... Negative- AF is here

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Big Fat... Negative- AF is here

So I was ultra moody last week... and my sense of smell was heightened... but apparently it was just being crazy along with dreadful pms symptoms. I had taken a couple PT's and they were both negative....

then yesterday my period started when I was at walmart about to buy some more tests. I bawled. Ugh. TTC after Loss is awful!

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Oh btw:

DH got a new job. He starts on the 25th. 6 month- 1 year after starting, he will start working internationally. There is no saying when he'll travel after that or for how long (usually minimum 2 months, up to 9 months). It's great news in ways... but it really makes me want to get pregnant even more because once he's traveling, there's not saying how often I'll get to try. :/

I'm headed to see my sister-in-law (who is due mid next month) on the 21st. It's going to be extremely challenging. I have to collect the maternity clothes my sister gave me and send them with my parents to her by the end of this month. Sad I am not sure if she wants the baby things too or not. She should probably have them since I'm not even pregnant yet and I'll probably have a baby shower since it'll be over 5 years since i've had a baby. It's awful... knowing she's gonna have a baby and I lost mine. it's so hard to be happy for her but i really want to be.

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Oh, Maddie I'm so sorry! I know it's normal to feel that way and it will take you a while to heal. Maybe talk to someone you confide in more about it so you can let all those feelings out. It will be a little form of therapy.

As for your DH getting a new job, that's awesome but I understand the TTC being cut back bc he won't be there. I'm praying for you and hope it happens for you soon!

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Great big {{{HUGS}}}

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I ditto that.. HUGE MEGA HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :bigarmhug:

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Sorry Maddie! Big hugs and get prego vibes coming your way!