big u/s tomorrow!!!

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big u/s tomorrow!!!

I go at 2pm for my big u/s!!! I'm excited because this is the first u/s i've had w/ this lo... hoping it all seem real after that! I still have that "am I REALLY pg?" feeling lol I'm kinda confused though because I'm only going to be 19 weeks not 20? I'll let you ladies know if we are team pink or blue!

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That's awesome!! Can't wait for our first pink/blue reveal, yey!!

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So exciting see your baby for the first time! Can't wait to find out if it's a boy or girl!!!

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YAY! So exciting! You'll be the first pink/blue of this BB, won't you????

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i'm not sure.. I'm due May 1st so probably close to one of first if not.

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How exciting!!!! Enjoy seeing your LO! Can't wait for the update!

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Oh that is so exciting!!! I am incredibly jealous of course, but so excited to find out what you are having!!!

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any update???

Sorry....The time stamp on the post had said it was yesterday....:/

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I'm super excited!! Smile That's fun you getta find out! I don't getta know forsure until Jan 4.. I'm dyyyying lol.

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Can't wait to hear Smile

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I'll be 19 weeks, too.. I think they're ok with doing them anywhere from 18-22 weeks.. depends on your OB. GL!!!