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Birth Control

What will you use, if anything after baby is born? I had the IUD before and I am just not sure about what to do this time! We don't want any more kids but I don't want anything permanent just yet either. Ugh.. hard decision for me!

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If history predicts the future, we won't need anything. ROFL Abstinence will be just enough.. :biglaugh:

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"ILoveMyMiniMe" wrote:

If history predicts the future, we won't need anything. ROFL Abstinence will be just enough.. :biglaugh:

Oh my gosh, Adriana.. lol you have me rolling! Surely that man of yours will be anxious for some fun after 6 weeks!!

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Ugh, DP!

How are you doing, mama? Oh and baby too, of course!

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DH and DS want to try for another boy shortly after this, so I don't think we will do any preventing, after that I am thinking we will be done, but I will probably get another IUD and then decide on the Essure tubal coil or surgery.

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Really not sure. Would love something less hormonal than the pill I've always been on, but not sure really. We are somewhat restricted in what we can use for religious reasons so I need to look at my options and figure it out... Have to discuss with my OB I guess.

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I am getting my tubes tied... I AM DONE! lol

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Since we shouldn't have any more kids, DH is going to get snipped. But for in the meantime, idk. I HATE being on the pill, but my doctors suspected I have PCOS. They didn't do any testing cause I ended up getting pregnant finally, but the Endo suggested the pill for after birth. But, that hasn't helped things in the past. It always made things worse, so we shall see.

OMG, writing that I realized that if I have the baby right after my doctor goes on vacation then I will never be able to talk to her about it prior to birth. Nor have we actually talked about birth. I am planning on vbac, but what that will entail IDK cause we haven't friggin talked about it. Now I am in a panic!

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I have been thinking about this as well! I am pretty sure we are Done so I definitely need to put a plan in place. DH is open to more so if I don't want more I better find something quick. I was thinking IUD. Haven't done it before but heard its very effective. Pills make my hormones go crazy so I don't think that's an option. Eventually, when we feel comfortable about being done for good we will get DH a vasectomy.

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Good question, I haven't really talked about this. I assume we will go back to our trusty ol withdrawal method. But I should ask DH. I had some bad reactions to BCP in the past, so the 5 years before we got pregnant we just used the withdrawal method and it worked great.

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I have only used the pill in the past, but I'd like something more like an IUD this time, since we don't plan on having any more, but I won't be doing anything permanent. We didn't use anything between #1 and #2, or #3 and #4, and I hated taking the pill between #2 and #3. I'd like something I don't have to think of every day!