Birth plans

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Birth plans

Have you/are you making one? What are the MOST important things to you on yours?

Last time I made a pretty detailed one and I feel like it was respected. However, this time I have a better sense of what is most important to me so, I have scaled it down to the things I feel strongest about.

Number 1 MOST important to me is immediate skin to skin and breast feeding without supplements.

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I don't have one, my ob and I are on pretty much the same plan, this is our second birth together and she knows me pretty well.

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1. Get baby out of me.
2. Immediate skin to skin and delayed cord clamping until it stops pulsing.

These are my only real demands.

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I made an extensive one last time and the nurses were impressed but everything that could go wrong did so most of my plan went out the window. This time the plan is to vbac and I will voice my preferences as we go. My plan is to do whatever is best for baby at the time.

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:lurk: this was from a thread on june's board and it helped me clarify what i want this time after a bad experience last time. I did have to add some things to it from my experience but i did find it helpful.

"dinzy" wrote: has a really good birth plan maker - it asks tons of questions so you can see what types of things there are to think about.. obviously you have to have an open mind when things are happening - but it also helps to have already thought of some things.
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I've never done a birth plan. I've heard too many horror stories of people being treated by staff like their birth plan is a worthless waste of time, so I didn't want to possibly stigmatize myself in that way. That said, I'll be birthing with the same doctor and the same hospital for the third time now, so I'm not worried. Like you, my most important thing is immediate skin-to-skin and breastfeeding as soon as we're ready, preferably within the first hour. The hospital I use is very much in favor of both of those things... I didn't have to ask the first time, that's just the way they do it. So for that, I'm thankful. Smile