Braxton Hicks...or lack of?

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Braxton Hicks...or lack of?

I feel like an idiot when other women talk about contractions or when the doctor asks if I have them. I don't know! Sometimes I notice a little tightening, but only if I'm really trying to pay attention and even then I don't know if it's just the sensation of baby moving around. My belly always feels firm, like a rock, and I don't notice it feeling harder at some times than others.

Even last pregnancy, when my water broke and I went in they asked if I have contracting...I said no, because I didn't think I was, but when they put me on the monitor there were regular, decent contractions going on. It wasn't until maybe an hour later that I was noticing contractions and I was already 6 or 7 (hard to remember) cm dilated and was at 10 and pushing within another hour. And never at any point in the process could I tell you excatly when they began or ended in order to time or count them...they went from I barely noticed to extreme and so close to continuous that I couldn't identify the end of one and the beginning of the next.

I'm worried that if my water doesn't break I won't know to go in until delivery is very near. ...and with a LO to make arrangements for this time I'm worried about how much time I'll have.

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LOL, you're so cute!

I swear I NEVER had a contraction or braxton hicks with DD. She was breech and I had a planned c-section.

This pregnancy I have had a few braxton hicks I think because one part of my stomach feels tight, like baby is stretching, and I realize baby isn't even moving at the time. Also, when I had my 20 week ultrasound they couldn't get a good measurement of placenta blood flow because I was having a contraction (that I had no idea about).

Honestly, I'd be more than happy to get to 6-7 cm without feeling a contraction. This is what I dream of. Blum 3 Have you spoken to your doctor about the possibility of not knowing you're in labour? Perhaps you could learn how to check your own dilation so you know? Obviously the water is going to break at SOME point and that will be a red flag, but that could be at 10 cm, which would be sucky.

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Hey, count yourself lucky Smile

I've noticed that with each pregnancy, I notice things more (like BH) and also, they start happening more frequently. With my first, I never had any BH. With my second, I noticed some in the last few weeks. With my third, they started around 34 weeks. With this one, BH started up around 26 weeks.

I'm usually doubled over in pain with my contrax by the time I am 2 cm though Smile so I'm no help on that front! Maybe things will be different for you this time? I know my labors were all completely different.

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I am the same way. Not sure if I have ever had BH before. I don't think everyone gets them. I would watch out for any mucus or blood, lots of leakage and usually your bowels start move better right before labor.
When my water broke with DS1 I wasn't sure at first but when I knew it wasn't urine and I started to feel crampy, I knew it was time!

I'm sure you'll know when it's time!

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I never knew what a contraction was with dd #1 I just thought she was moving or pushing up really hard, with the BH I feel them more in my chest/face area than in my belly. But once I start having the real one's I feel them more in my belly. I'm sure when it's go time you'll know, but maybe mention it to your md.

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I remember when talking to the nurses that a good rule of thumb is this.. if you have trouble talking through any kind of back or abdominal pain, it may be time to give the Dr a call. That was a fear of mine with both DD and DS but both panned out to be just fine. Smile

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I have quite a few BH contractions.. Have with all of my pregnancies, and they start early for me, like 16 weeks. But... They never do much of anything to change my cervix. So my problem isn't that I won't know what I'm having contractions, but more like... When am I having REAL contractions?